What is The Curiosity Approach? 

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You may have seen us using the term “The Curiosity Approach” fairly often, but what does this actually mean? 

We see the Curiosity Approach as a journey to a world where children navigate their own paths, fuelled by their innate desire to learn, explore, and understand. This world is created by the Curiosity Approach, a modern-day teaching philosophy that heralds the child as the true architect of their own learning.

This approach was conceived by Lyndsey Hellyn and Stephanie Bennett.

It serves as a beacon of light in early education, drawing its guiding principles from pioneers of early years education like Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Rudolf Steiner, and Emmi Pikler.


The Heart of The Curiosity Approach: 

At the heart of The Curiosity Approach is a belief that resonates with the rhythm of childhood…

…that play is the most effective way children interact with the world around them. In an era overwhelmed by screens and plastic toys, the Curiosity Approach is a breath of fresh air, championing a focus on the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world and the boundless potential of simple, open-ended resources.

A toy car can only ever be a toy car. But a humble stick?

In the hands of a child ignited with curiosity, that stick transforms into a symbol of imagination – a wizard’s wand, a singer’s microphone, and a knight’s sword. By adopting this philosophy, children are given the autonomy to become the “pilots of their own play” and the epicentre of their own development.


What does The Curiosity Approach Entail? 

Classrooms become sanctuaries of intrigue, with Curiosity Corners filled with fascinating trinkets, mark-making stations abundant with art materials, and cosy nooks that invite a good cuddle and an exciting storybook amongst the daily hustle and bustle.

The Role of Educators:

Skilled educators take on the role of guides, establishing activities grounded in the children’s current interests. Through ‘in-the-moment’ planning, they construct meaningful invitations for children to engage, play, and learn. Their goal is to nurture the “thinkers and doers” of the future and to install a lifelong love for learning.


How is Nature Incorporated? 

The Curiosity Approach weaves the natural world into every facet of the educational experience.

Children are encouraged to marvel at the wonders of nature and develop an inherent passion to protect it. Be it through exhilarating bug hunts, cloud spotting, gardening, or spending time with interesting classroom pets, a love for nature is ever-present.

By embracing this approach…

Children are afforded the freedom to take calculated risks, push boundaries, and unlock their creative potential. In recognising the marvel in the simplest of things, we equip the children in our care to be the best versions of themselves.


By following The Curiosity Approach, we’re not only shaping the architects, the artists, the scientists, and the dreamers of tomorrow, we’re also nurturing their spirits, fuelling their imagination, and fostering a profound appreciation for the world around them.

And isn’t that a journey worth embarking on?


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