British Preschool in Dubai

Kangaroo Kids Nursery is one of the preschools that most parents in Dubai have trusted their children with. We see to it that every little one enrolled with us gets the best learning opportunities in their early learning years. The experienced teaching staff at our preschool aims to develop a unique learning approach to suit all our young students. Conveniently located in Jumeirah, our kindergarten is open for children aged from 45 days to 4 years old. Our mission is to cater to every child’s needs. The spacious premises is secured and safe with a stimulating environment and caring team of teachers to give every child the best.

Our Reliable Preschool Services

The preschool services we offer are designed specifically by the dedicated early year professionals at Kangaroo Kids Nursery Jumeirah so that your child gets the optimum care and knowledge learning with us.


  • Interactive activities include music, dance, art, and games.
  • Academics is designed to match international standards.
  • Outdoor play sessions to make your little ones cheerful.
  • Eco-awareness to bring your child closer to the environment.
  • Curiosity & Hygge to encourage the kid’s enthusiasm to explore.

Kangaroo Kids is an expert in Playschool Education in Dubai

The Preschool Services

The preschool services at Kangaroo Kids playschool Dubai have been specially crafted by dedicated early years professionals to provide the optimum care for your child. Our interactive activities spread the message of fun through music, academics, art and of course… lots of play! We have found our home in each child and family that we have had the pleasure of meeting, and have always aimed to positively impact their lives in any way we can. We have found our calling, our love and our reason for waking up in the sticky little hands reaching up to us with complete love and trust. The atmosphere in Kangaroo Kids kindergartens is filled with awe and wonder, and we vow to do whatever it takes to ensure each child in Kangaroo Kids nursery is loved and validated beyond their wildest dreams.

Activities Conducted in our Preschool Curriculum

We live in the most magical world with so many exciting things around us. Our incredible teachers have a passion for life and instil this passion in each of our little Kangaroo’s. We practice a multi-sensory approach to ensure the children can link the experience at hand to one or more of their senses, which creates synapses in the brain and helps the children to effectively absorb the lesson at hand. Sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate, and explore. Each day in the nursery is creative and messy, as this stimulates the brain, the spirit, and our enquiring learners.

Age Criteria for Admission

Your kid must have completed at least 45 days of age to enroll with a daycare facility at Kangaroo Kids Nursery in Jumeirah, Dubai. Any one-year-old child can enroll in our kindergarten facility.  We provide preschool services for children from age group three to four. Whichever age your child is once enrolled with us, you can rely on our professionals to handle your kid. Our loving and caring teaching team will also keep your child engaged in creative activities without giving them a chance to cry. 


45 Days to 01 Year


01 to 03 Years


03 to 04 Years

Activities Based on British Curriculum

We follow the British national curriculum to give the children in our preschool an opportunity to develop their thinking and problem-solving ability. We aim to help the little ones become responsible toward society, the environment, and co-students so that they grow up as better human beings. We practice a multi-sensory approach to ensure that our students can effectively absorb the lessons taught in class and also encourage them to play, create, investigate and explore more.

Importance of Preschool for Your Kid’s Development

As one of the leading preschools in Dubai, UAE we understand that the early years are one of the most crucial stages that play a major role in shaping a child’s future. Physical development, communication and language skills, interpersonal and personal emotional development, mathematics, and environmental understanding are some of the skills we help your kid to develop in our preschool. We help the little learners understand the world around them and strengthen their social skills.

Makes them independent, curious, and creative.

Helps parents to prepare their kids for elementary school.

Structured educational system available before schooling.

Helps to build confidence in the kids.

Foundation for future development of the little minds.

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