Parenting Workshops

Parenting Workshops

Supporting children and their parents is something we feel passionate about. Children are not born with a manual to guide you as parents. There are many challenges along the way. As Principal of the Nursery I run workshops to cover some of the areas that families find challenging. This is a unique service in Dubai. I have worked with many different families over the last 20 years in child care and education, these families have taught me a great deal that I’d like to share with our parents here at Kangaroo Kids Nursery.

Workshops take place during nursery hours and are informal and friendly. We serve tea and biscuits (something I consider an essential element) Many parents say they enjoy the chance to talk and share ideas with other parents. Recently we held a potty-training workshop which was well attended and resulted in several of the children becoming potty trained very quickly over the next few days. I have developed some unique systems that work using practical approaches that are easy to follow.

  • Potty Training Made Easy.
  • Positive Behaviour for Toddlers
  • Getting Ready for School
  • Settling your child
  • Developing Language
  • Time out v Time in
  • Hygge the Danish approach to family life

All Workshops are complementary to our parents and run several times during the year Kangaroo Kids Parents can book a place by contacting our Admin Team at Reception or by emailing

Best Wishes

Ms Lisa (Principal)


Learning about the prep stages was very helpful and the stages that lead to successful training
I would be interesting in talking about sleep training and the transition for no milk at bed time.

- Theo

I would like to thank you for the useful training and thanks a lot for answering all of my questions for potty training. I will follow your advise and hope that one day my son will be toilet trained.

- Wafa

I think so many pointers were amazing, things I had not even thought about. Loved the examples of ‘talk’ = distraction. I had no idea you would ignore an ‘accident’, so all that was said was really helpful and although my son isn’t ready quite yet I do feel this has given me the confidence to drive the training which is amazing. Once I start maybe I will come again to another session, thanks so much Ms Lisa.

- Tomas

Thank you Lisa, it was very useful and encouraging. It was very useful to hear and share our experiences. As a mum you always think you are going through something along but hearing other parents going through the same thing really helps.

- Mira

The workshop was great although my son is only 1 year and 8 months I gained a lot of information to be ready in the right time for him. Thank you very much for this useful workshop.

- Nasser

Ms Lisa you are so wonderful! Your energy is encouraging and really gets us excited to start this intimidating chapter of potty training. Lots of great tips and a structure to follow. You’ve also opened the conversation so that any worries or struggles can be voiced and hearing others going through things that we have also been through too then we feel like we are not alone. Integrating the group was great and encouraging us and showing the nursery support – that team feeling is so comforting.

- Diya

The free parenting workshops held at the nursery in the mornings really helped our family to focus and positively resource “the golden rules” our family. Setting it together and sticking to it made mommy + Daddy a very good team.

- Sarah

The parenting workshops at the nursery give you a tips on how you deal with your child. The potty training gave me enough ideas on how to start the potty training with my child.

- Dana

The complementary positive parenting workshops held by MS Lisa at Kangaroo Kids have opened my eyes to a completely new way of disciplining my children which is much more achievable and creates a positive environment both of the kid and the entire family.
Thank you for helping me become a better parent and for all your help at the nursery.

- Lida

Thank you for the useful and informative session on Potty Training filled with tips and techniques that I will definitely put to use with the twins. I will try to remember to always use positive reinforcement and ignore the accidents if and when they occur! Good luck to me 🙂

- Mum Lara

I would like to thank you for the great workshop and presentation in the nursery.

So far I’ve attended two workshops, potty training and healthy eating for toddlers and I enjoyed both workshops and learned a lot. All the contents are really helpful and practical for me to guide my kids. Most of all, it worked very well for my daughter. Once again, really appreciate for your kind support and I would love to join more workshops in near future.

- Sojung
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