Settling Process

Settling Process

The first step: getting settled…

We settle babies and children into the nursery with warmth, care and a great deal of experience. This is what we do. It can be a little unsettling for small children to find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and we aim to make those surroundings feel familiar as soon as possible. We do this by supporting your child to form attachments with staff, establishing a routine and giving lots of reassurance and cuddles. Many parents are surprised how quickly their child settles and goes happily to see their new friends: the staff and the children in their class.

We believe part of the settling process begins with us building a calm and positive relationship with the child’s family. When a child sees you the parent as happy and at ease they begin to relax as well. Children are very adaptable and although it may take a little time for them to accept this change in their life, it is rare to find a child who does not “settle”.

We believe that all children are unique and our responses to them should be bespoke. We work with parents during the settling process by “What’s App”, SMS and phone/email. Sometimes the journey to being settled at nursery may mean parents spending time in the nursery and then going for a coffee and coming back an hour later over a period of days. However, many parents choose to say goodbye and leave quite quickly to avoid delaying the process and due to their work commitments. We are here to support all families and their choices. Ms Lisa our Principal is directly involved with families during the settling process and will offer you support and advice. For a majority of children it’s a quick period lasting minutes as we have so much to engage the children. In our experience it is often the parents that find the separation the most difficult. This is something we understand.

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