Parent Feedback

Parent Feedback

Learning about the prep stages was very helpful and the stages that lead to successful training
I would be interesting in talking about sleep training and the transition for no milk at bed time.

- Theo

I would like to thank you for the useful training and thanks a lot for answering all of my questions for potty training. I will follow your advise and hope that one day my son will be toilet trained.

- Wafa

I think so many pointers were amazing, things I had not even thought about. Loved the examples of ‘talk’ = distraction. I had no idea you would ignore an ‘accident’, so all that was said was really helpful and although my son isn’t ready quite yet I do feel this has given me the confidence to drive the training which is amazing. Once I start maybe I will come again to another session, thanks so much Ms Lisa.

- Tomas

Thank you Lisa, it was very useful and encouraging. It was very useful to hear and share our experiences. As a mum you always think you are going through something along but hearing other parents going through the same thing really helps.

- Mira

The workshop was great although my son is only 1 year and 8 months I gained a lot of information to be ready in the right time for him. Thank you very much for this useful workshop.

- Nasser

Ms Lisa you are so wonderful! Your energy is encouraging and really gets us excited to start this intimidating chapter of potty training. Lots of great tips and a structure to follow. You’ve also opened the conversation so that any worries or struggles can be voiced and hearing others going through things that we have also been through too then we feel like we are not alone. Integrating the group was great and encouraging us and showing the nursery support – that team feeling is so comforting.

- Diya

Great workshop, it gave us pointers to start potty training. The main thing I picked up is positive reinforcement.

- Nidhi, Myrah’s mum

Thank you so much for today, I think it was useful and I have taken away from today that positivity is key even though it can be difficult to stay positive. The other thing is consistency and this is what we have to keep in mind.

- Eva, Liliana’s mum

The workshop was informative and gave advice on different points and stages we will face during potty training. Thank you Ms Lisa

- Wissam, Hadi’s dad
  • 3 day approach
  • Positivitity
  • Child should be ready and choosing the right time to start
- Mirna, Adam’s mum

Good training session.
My take aways are:

  • Positive reactions
  • Keeping eye contact
  • Consistency with the actions
- Abena, Emmanuel’s mum

Focusing on positivity is key

- Rozita, Siena & Voislav’s mum

Great information, a good plan to start with and look forward to working with you.

- Katie, Maddie’s mum

Amazing useful workshop, it’s always great to talk to Ms Lisa abut different child problems. She is very experience and helpful.

- Bahaeh, Delsa’s mum

I found the Positive Parenting workshop incredibly helpful – Principal Lisa has a wealth of knowledge thanks to her long tenure working with children and as a mother herself, and she readily shares her experiences in the workshop, as well as relevant tips and strategies that you can put in place at home even from the first session.

A parenting workshop run by your childcare provider also has a massive advantage over other workshops, as Principal Lisa has an established, personal connection with you and most importantly, with your child – she is already aware of their nature and behavior at nursery, and can refer to that knowledge in the workshop. It makes it feel more like a chat over coffee with your friends rather than a generic parenting workshop – it’s a safe space with no judgement, and real feedback and strategies from someone you already trust.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop to other parents, and am looking forward to seeing how the tips and strategies transform our parenting style at home.

- Tess Mum to Finlay

This Class Teachers session was very helpful. The Teachers Covered most of the areas that are general concerns of parents and offered much support and advice Thank you.

- Harshad

Big thanks for Class Teachers Miss Autumn and Miss Debbie for a wonderful workshop and lots of support, it’s very useful. I learnt a lot on how to deal with my son, what should I teach him and how. You all did an excellent job in nice way for us in the nursery.

- Fatma

Really helpful nursery, thank you for all your help.

- Svetlana

It was very nice to have this workshop to understand how to develop “ school ready” skills in our child , I was having some questions but it was covered by the class teachers who helped us, I know some step to follow to get Omar to the next step after he leaves Kangaroo Kids Nursery.

- Hatim

This is a very helpful nursery, it’s always great to have a support system and how wonderful to get it from the nursery as well. Nursery is like the second home and I’m glad my daughter feels home away from home. Please Keep your workshops going because they are a great way of keeping parents in knowing that they are not alone.

- Shatha’s Mum

The free parenting workshops held at the nursery in the mornings really helped our family to focus and positively resource “the golden rules” our family. Setting it together and sticking to it made mommy + Daddy a very good team.

- Sarah

The parenting workshops at the nursery give you a tips on how you deal with your child. The potty training gave me enough ideas on how to start the potty training with my child.

- Dana

The complementary positive parenting workshops held by MS Lisa at Kangaroo Kids have opened my eyes to a completely new way of disciplining my children which is much more achievable and creates a positive environment both of the kid and the entire family.
Thank you for helping me become a better parent and for all your help at the nursery.

- Lida

Id like to take this moment to tell you what an amazing experience we have had at Kangaroo Kids Nursery, an amazing journey. My son Kyden is just so happy. I love the events as they are just so inclusive with so much parent engagement. I am happy at work knowing there are so many special days such as Community Garden Day, Scottish Day, Sports day, Drum Day etc. There is always something happening and it makes me so happy that I choose Kangaroo Kids for Kydens last year of nursery. Its going to be so hard to say goodbye and leave KKN after so much love. I wish we had found you earlier. A diamond experience I won’t ever forget. Big thanks to Ms Aine and Ms Mildred and every single member of the incredible crew. Everyone makes such a difference. Everyone is always making, creating, constructing something new, there is always a new pirate set up, dinosaur set up, so much creativity! Every day you take the time to make something magical. Kangaroo Kids, you choose the best and most professional staff- an amazing team. We are so glad we choose KKN. Kangaroo kids is a title in my sons life forever. This has been the most amazingly fun nursery. Wow!

- Kyden’s Mum

I wanted to send a quick thank you email to Ms Lisa for taking the time out last week to speak to both Pinto and myself. I also wanted to say a special thank you for Ms Aine (Zion’s class teacher), for being patient with him.

We are really happy and satisfied with KKN.

- Divya Pinto Chethlan

You really just leave me speechless, as the nursery is exceptional in many grounds. Having two of my kids with you is a great pleasure and asset. They learned and developed in a magnificent way over the past year. I can’t be more thankful to the whole staff – from the eldest to the youngest you are all great. Recommending Kangaroo Kids Nursery to all my friends. No need to say more – just step in and will notice the difference from the reception approach.
Keep up the good work!

- Shirien, mum of Sarri (Giraffe) and Kadi (Flamingo)

From what I see, Julia is massively effected by Miss Autumn and her teaching even though I don’t get to go to the school very often. But I can tell that Julia loves Miss Autumn and that she is very happy and grateful to have a teacher like her.

- Julia’s father

Ms Autumn is a very enthusiastic and positive teacher and I am glad that she is teaching Zayed. She gives great advice and is a great photographer.

- Khalid

We love Kangaroo for the kindness and the activities. We look forward to seeing his teacher Miss Hannah and he enjoys painting. The team is very friendly and professional and I feel very supported. Miss Hannah is great with the kids, so passionate.

- Lucas’ Mum
  • I would like to thank you for providing me the opportunity to meet a wonderful teacher today – Ms.Autumn.
  • I should say how impressed I was to meet such a talented, devoted and professional teacher.
  • In my opinion, Ms.Autumn is a perfect example of how a teacher of Early Years should be.
  • I admire Ms.Autumn’s style of teaching. She creates a funny, warm and welcoming learning environment for children.
  • She’s got a special language to communicate with kids, the language which kids love and enjoy listening to.
  • I felt that any message which Ms.Autumn tries to deliver to children she sends it straight to their hearts. And it makes them love to listen to their teacher, it makes the learning process so easy and excited, especially for children of this age.
  • I wish all teachers love their job as sincerely as Ms.Autumn Does!
- Elena

We can’t be more grateful. At Kangaroo Kids special care is given to the kids. Omar loves the swimming classes and we feel very supported by staff and his teacher Miss Autumn.

- Hatim

Hello Ms Hannah!
Just a little note to thank you for sending across pictures every day. I really look forward to mid-day because I know you will be sending pictures soon. It’s such a relief to be able to have access to her schedule and see a glimpse of what’s happening everyday :). Thanks much!

- Myrah’s mum

Miss Autumn is such a cheerful and positive person. My children adore her, especially Elias. She has such a positive attitude and a very loving personality.

I am very happy my children attend her class. Elias has seen a great improvement thanks to her supervision.
Thank you Miss Autumn.

- Suzanne

We couldn’t have been more lucky, Ms Autumn is definitely the best teacher Adi can have!
Thank you.

- Dali

Alexander loves the outside playground, library, swimming pool, opportunity to learn different languages and develop creativity through drawing and touching. He looks forward to meeting his class teacher (Miss Debbie) and playing outside with his friends. We feel 100% support and staff are friendly and supportive.

- Alexander’s Mum

Ms Autumn does a great job of providing positive feedback to the students when they come to tell her about their speech sessions.

- Erin from Hope Centre

Dear Miss Autumn, I can see Rashid progress in the way he talk and I don’t struggle much with him as before. He is being patient and knows there are boundaries. Thank you for being his teacher.

- Rashid’s Mum

To Baby cottage team,
Thank you for every day that you take care of me while I play, for all the things that I’ve learned, for the time you spend teaching, wiping tears for knowing a hug is what I need, for being there when mommy can’t be, for making every day a special memory.


- Khalifas Mum

In my opinion, I think Miss Autumn is one of the best teachers I have ever met. She is sweet, kind, fun, dedicated, hardworking and many more great qualities. She has left a great impact on my daughters life and she has taught her so many beneficial things through the fun activities.

- Julia’s Mother

Miss Autumn is a great teacher, smiling all the time. My son loves school because of her.

- Heba

Thank you team Kangaroo Kids for all that you do for our children. Any time I feel any pang of guilt for leaving my child and rushing off to work, the feeling goes away upon entering the nursery. Every member of staff (be it from a different class) knows of Arjun’s personality, likes and dislikes just as much as I do, if not better.

Lisa – you strive hard to set this culture by leading by example and it does not go unnoticed. Can’t think of many others in your position who would be able to track each child’s personal development in the manner that you do.

Thank you to the team for more than playing your part in his childhood development!

Leads to a happy baby and stress-free mummy!

- Arjuns Mum

My favorite parts of Kangaroo are the good behavior and kindly staff and specialty of his class teacher Miss Debbie. When he came back from nursery everyday he is happy it means he is enjoying every day. The team are really good in every way and really take care of our kids. At the end thank you So much for everything.

- Mohamed’s Mum

I can’t express the gratitude I have towards Ms. Debbie. Amalia has grown and developed into such a bubby little girl. Ms. Debbie has always been available for me to check with her about Amalia’s engagement in the class. She can tell me immediately if she has eaten or has been upset during the day.

I know Amalia is happy simply because she rushes out of bed, no questions asked, gets ready and wants to come nursery. It’s a credit to Ms. Debbie for creating a warm environment for students.

- Taghred Chandab, Amalia’s mum

Thank you team Kangaroo Kids for all that you do for our children. Any time I feel any pang of guilt for leaving my child and rushing off to work, the feeling goes away upon entering the nursery. Every member of staff (be it from a different class) knows of Arjun’s personality, likes and dislikes just as much as I do, if not better.

Lisa – you strive hard to set this culture by leading by example and it does not go unnoticed. Can’t think of many others in your position who would be able to track each child’s personal development in the manner that you do.

Thank you to the team for more than playing your part in his childhood development!

Leads to a happy baby and stress-free mummy!

- Lavi Chandra

Kangaroo Kids Nursery is one of the best decisions I have taken for my daughters future. Months ago Dana was only an Arabic speaker and she had never learnt any other language. However, she now understands, responds and can count to 20 very well in English. It is a very comfortable place for both Dana and I as a parent. Every staff is friendly and caring. All in all, I am very glad and positive with my daughters initial education after seeing all the progress she has made..

- Mother of Dana

No word is good enough to describe class teacher Miss Autumn or lovely staff at Kangaroo Kids.

Thank you for being kind, patient and loving to my baby boy. He learned a lot throughout this year. Thank you again.

- Layla, Majed’s mum

Kangaroo Kids is a friendly and inclusive nursery where all staff members always go the extra mile to build relationships with parents and children to support the child’s development and enjoyment at nursery. In addition to a great outdoor space , my children also benefit from the vast range of extra curricular activities, including swimming and tennis, and the excellent healthy food programme on offer.

- Harry’s Mum

We recommend the nursery to our friends always. Its professional, child centred, with knowledgeable staff and family friendly too.

We recently came to the two-part Positive Parenting workshop and it was great, very informative and well presented. It was good that it was so interactive too. It was also good that it was free, a really nice thing to do for the parents. It was good to set some extra family values and to take a step back and consider things more clearly. We love the nursery, It’s excellent and you can really see our son developing. he loves it too!

- Henrys Mum

I wanted to share with you the start of our beautiful journey in Kangaroo Kids.

Day 1
Carol came back saying: “Com -mie” with a big smile. Proudly that’s her first English word picked up only from day one nursery.

Day 2
She woke up in the morning and started to say “Shuz” and pointing on her feet

Day 3
Coming to pick her up and seeing her dancing ballet was BEYOND cute!

And finally at home she DID her first step. I’ve been waiting for this very moment.

We can’t wait to see her after the 100th day. We don’t know what are you doing and how you are doing it but we trust you and we are blessed to have found you.

Thank you for taking care of my child and for being patient to my frequent questions, phone calls and nagging.

- Carols Mum

Thank you Miss Lisa, For your kind Cooperation and boundless love towards our child, which I will always remember as a main factor in our sons progress and development throughout this Year. I will pray that Allah will reward you for all your efforts to make a better future my beloved son. God Bless you

- Layla Alyousef

We are absolutely amazed with Kangaroo Kids and would want nothing less for our only child (thus far :)). We felt very warm when we visited your nursery, and I don’t mean the weather. This is exactly how we want our child to feel. We want her to progress in an environment that is not only warm, comfortable and trustworthy but also want her to be challenged, thus enabling her to learn at her own pace and develop essential skills needed to succeed in life. This phase will always remain the most important in her life as this is where she learns “how to learn”. Often kids may not recollect this phase in the later years and hence it may be a thankless job. Trust me, as parents we couldn’t thank you guys enough for ensuring their foundations are made rock solid.

I still remember, out of all the nurseries we visited, you( Ms Lisa) were the only one who asked us what we wanted from our child and nursery, and this meant so much to us.

- Asma Haroon

Ms Autumn is amazing! Please let her know how much we value and appreciate the time and effort she has spent with Sophie! Thank you so much Kangaroo Kids

- Judith La Belle

From the beginning we were worried about Hailee’s language, but there is an amazing improvement. Thanks for the great teaching by nice teachers.

- Mr. James, Hailee’s dad (Foundation class)

Koen has been at the nursery for just over two semesters now and I couldn’t be more proud of the wonderful, polite and caring little boy he’s grown into.

Thanks to Ms. Debbie, her patience, dedication and love is very much appreciated as we’ve seen such a big difference in Koen since he’s joined Ms. Debbie’s class.

He’s confident, happy, focused and is now able to make short sentences. The staff overall is so loving and caring – Ms. Donna, Ms. Kharlyn and all of the others who look after our little boy.

Thank you so much for the hard work and the love you show him every day. I couldn’t be more grateful.

- Ms. Nesh, Koen’s mum (Elephants class)

Sophia is now a much more confident and calm girl. Kangaroo Kids has been a large part of this growth. When she began she was quite nervous but the staff were so loving and caring plus adaptable to her individual needs that she now goes to the nursery happily.

She absolutely loves her teacher Ms. Debbie and all her teachers who teach and encourage both Sophia plus support to us – mums.

Thanks for a great year Kangaroo Kids!

- Deanne Harrison, Sophia’s mum (Elephants class)

I love Kangaroo Kids Nursery. Everything is great. Ms. Lisa and Ms. Autumn made Maryam enjoy every aspect in the nursery.

Thank you

- Ms. Nadine, Maryam mum

I would like to thank all the faculty members and staffs of Kangaroo Kids Nursery for looking after Sarah with good care as she is enjoying every day she spends at Kangaroo.

Please find our feedback to the nursery.

  • Staffs are kind and warm. We especially appreciate the welcoming by each staff every morning by calling out each child’s name with a smile.
  • Good number of events. We appreciate the nursery for inviting, and thus engaging the parents at these fun events.
  • Number of Fun toys & tools. There is so much we can do at home, and we believe one of the reasons our daughter likes the nursery is there are number of different tools you can enjoy.
  • Advice to parents. As non-English speaking nationality, we appreciate the advice that principal has given based on her experience with other children.

When we bring her to the Kangaroo every morning and see her running into the classroom with a smile, we can understand that she enjoys every day.

- Ms. Miho, Sarah’s mum (Zebra class)

We are so proud to be part of the Kangaroo Kids family. Both of the girls have been here since they were 5 months old and we couldn’t be happier. Lisa and the team have made this nursery into a home from home!

- Sam Browning, Sophie and Annie’s Dad

My son loves going to school at Kangaroo Kids. Caring and attentive teachers, the most exiting activities and valuable learning experience have meant Elie is thriving here.
Thank you to Ms. Chrisinda and Ms. Tess for all your support!

- Ms. Afsheen Ismail, Elias Wey’s mum (Flamingo class)

A wonderful warm, friendly and nurturing nursery.
My daughter loves her days at Kangaroo Kids, she is always upbeat about going in the morning and she is bubbling with news of her day at pick up. The staff are unfailingly polite and king – nothing is ever too much trouble, no matter how big or small. We are delighted with our choice of nursery for our daughter and would highly recommend Kangaroo Kids to anyone seeking an extremely well-run and supportive nursery for their child.

- Ms. Briony Sutcliffe, Iris’s mum (Giraffe class)

Kangaroo Kids Nursery
To all staff
“I am very happy with all the services provided in the nursery. I’ve been 3 years in nursery with my daughter.
I appreciate all the changes applied by Ms. Lisa and all the supported staff.
Thanks all

- Ms. Nadia, Amina Djebara’s mum (Zebra class)

Good Day to all at Kangaroo Kids Nursery.
I am so delighted to share my experience with Kangaroo Kids Nursery. The day my son joined the nursery – the approach of each and every person was so overwhelming that it just gave me the peace of mind. Each day he had the personal attention till he completely settled. He started enjoying every bit of it. As a first timer for me this was the biggest challenge.
Hats off to all the staff that they took care of him so well.
We both are so blessed to find the right nursery for our child. He loves his class teacher, he participates and sings all the poems which are taught in the class. He enjoys the afterschool activities.
It is the best best best Nursery.

- Ms. Pallavi Deshpande, Ayaan’s mum (Flamingo class)

Good morning Kangaroo Nursery!

Thank you for the best Nursery and the great teachers and Administration. Actually I would like to choose the Summer camp in June – I mean after EID. It would be good because most of the people will travel before Big EID in August. And in the end the decision will be chosen by the Nursery.

- Ms. Muneera, Mohamed Alhashmi’s mum (Flamingo class)

Kangaroo Kids Nursery has been a wonderful place for Mofeier since one year. She had learned and grown so much. Now she knows that she is a big girl and likes to do things on herself. It has been a big step for her and for myself as a working mum. However these cannot be achieved without helpful nurse, patient Chrisinda, cheerful Autumn and helpful Yana. Nevertheless all TAs and Ms. Lisa.
Thank you all!

- Ms. Jerry Durante, Mofeier’s mum (Flamingo class)

Our daughter has been going to Kangaroo Kids for a year now and absolutely loves it. She goes in with a smile on her face every day and comes home chatting happily about all the activities she’s been up to.
The staff are very friendly, her teacher is brilliant, and the new headmistress Ms. Lisa is making some fantastic updates to the nursery’s already brilliant facilities.

- Mr. Tom Sutcliffe, Iris’s dad (Giraffe class)

Can’t thank you enough for the good time Omar is having at your place. His sleeping habits are improving along with eating habits too.
All our family could notice the progress well done!.

- Ms. Yara Nabil, Omar Abdullah’s mum (Afternoon class)

My son is really enjoying his time at the nursery. He has become really social and talkative since he joined Kangaroo Kids.
Ms. Autumn is an amazing teacher and really knows minute details of kids. She gives extra attention to quiet kids and ones who are not very social. Mikael loves her a lot and even Ms. Analyn is the sweetest and kindest TA ever.

- Ms. Sarah Pervez, Mikael Hafiz’s mum (Giraffe class)

My son Avram enjoys playing sports, singing, dancing and interacting with students. He is very active and everyone (even outside the school) enjoys his eagerness and activeness.

- Ms. Elizabeth Agdan, Avram’s mum (Zebra class)

My baby Amir is in the Baby Cottage. All the nurses there are well trained, cute and my baby loves them.
Amir now is better than before, with his motor skills developed.

- Ms. Faten Al Batal, Amir’s mum (Baby Cottage)

I love Ms. Lisa and Ms. Autumn in every way. Naya explores and discovers many new dimensions at Kangaroo. I love all the visual art activities and the “twist and turns” + surprise element Ms. Autumn gives.

- Ms. Tala Tutunji, Naya’s mum (Giraffe class)

My son is with Down syndrome. He has made such amazing progress in this nursery. Progress that was very noticeable by his speech therapist.
Thank you for the great effort and taking good care of my son.
Thank you for loving him. Ms. Yana and Ms. Autumn and all lovely staff here I am very grateful for the things you all do for Majed.
May God bless you all!

- Ms. Layla Alyousef, Majed’s mum (Giraffe class)

I’ve noticed a huge change since Ahmed started going to Kangaroo Kids Nursery. He became more confident and social.
Big “Thank you” to Ms. Lisa for her great effort inspite of the shortage of teachers.
Reception and nannies are so lovely and kind.
Ahmed and I love you so much.

- Ms. Mariam Alsabousi, Ahmed Al Mheiri’s mum (Zebra class)

A wonderfully warm, friendly and nurturing nursery. My daughter loves her days at Kangaroo Kids, she is always upbeat about going in the morning and she is bubbling with news of her day at pick up. The staff are unfailingly polite and kind – nothing is ever too much trouble, no matter how big or small. We are delighted with our choice of nursery for our daughter and would highly recommend Kangaroo Kids to anyone seeking an extremely well-run and supportive nursery for their child.

- Briony

Kangoroo Kids was the first nursery I ever checked in Dubai and I regret it (haha) because whenever I visit another nursery I compare it to yours and until now it’s the best one!

It’s so clean and so professional, I wish you all the best.

- Mum of Salama

We couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and assistants for our little Koen. We’ve seen such a positive change in him from day 3. He’s such a confident, independent and happy kid. He’s learning so much and we are proud of our choice of nursery. We truly thank all the staff who look after our little boy. Special credit goes to Ms Debbie, Ms Suzette and Ms Rachel

- Koens Mum

Bodhi loves coming to nursery and enjoys every aspect of it. He is developing so well thanks to the support of staff at kangaroo kids

- Bodhis Mum

All the staff in the baby cottage are excellent

- Ahmed Mum

Toby loves all his teachers and it is evident they care for all the children

- Toby’s Mum

They always talk about their friends and playing with Miss Autumn

- Twins Mummy

Thank you for the useful and informative session on Potty Training filled with tips and techniques that I will definitely put to use with the twins. I will try to remember to always use positive reinforcement and ignore the accidents if and when they occur! Good luck to me 🙂

- Mum Lara

You have absolutely transformed the place and we feel so lucky that Henry spends his days at such a special nursery. Can’t thank you enough for all your incredibly hard work.

- Henry’s mum

Toby is really happy at Kangaroo kids nursery. He literally jumps up and down when he arrives in the mornings. He really loves his teachers. Toby learns something new every day and always comes home singing a new song or telling me about a story he has acted out. All Toby’s needs are met at Kangaroo kids nursery. The staff were so welcoming.

I love the routines and activities that Kangaroo kids offer. Highly trained teachers and teaching assistants. Amazing outside space and layout is great. I appreciate how accommodating they have been in helping with our need for dropping Toby early in the morning. They now have an extra early breakfast club at 6.40am that means I can drop Toby at nursery and still get to my workplace on time. We are so grateful for the effort they have put in to finding a solution for us. They always communicate with me about Toby’s day and how he has been. I see Toby’s class teacher and also the nursery manager regularly at pick up times and have long chats about how he is getting on. Photos are uploaded onto the nursery Facebook page regularly which we love. He has been helped to become completely toilet trained whilst here in a very short period of time.

The manager organised a community event one weekend last term where we could come and enjoy a variety of activities. The event was completely free, including all the activities.

- Toby’s Mum

I love the new garden arrangement, It is amazing and shows different environments.

I was fascinated yesterday when I saw the photos on Facebook and Malak explained to me that is planets going around the sun.

Thank you very much for your great efforts … much appreciated

- Malaks Mum

Dear Ms.Lisa (Nursery Principal)

I should say how impressed by Ms Autumn from Giraffe Class, she is such a talented, devoted and professional teacher.

In my opinion, Ms.Autumn is a perfect example of how a teacher of Early Years should be.

I admire Ms.Autumn’s style of teaching. She creates a funny, warm and welcoming learning environment for children.

She’s got a special language to communicate with kids, the language which kids love and enjoy listening to.

I felt that any message which Ms.Autumn tries to deliver to children she sends it straight to their hearts. And it makes them love to listen to their teacher, it makes the learning process so easy and excited, especially for children of this age.

I wish all teachers love their job as sincerely as Ms.Autumn Does!

- Elena Aleksandrovich

Ms Lisa, actually it is your efforts that we have to thank you for. We appreciate all the great work you have done since you joined the nursery, Many changes, creative ideas and continuous improvement.

I’m so happy with the quality of service you are providing in Kangaroo Nursery.

- Mum to Malak

We were so worried about our almost 3 year old settling in as it was his first time ever being not only in a nursery, but without his parents really, but Kangaroo and Ms. Autumn made our little boy running to Kangoroo Kids Nursery on his 3rd day 🙂 Thank you!!!!!

- Aidy Mum

We were extremely happy with your hospitality and also very impressed with the nursery. It means a lot to us that you can see the needs that our child has and also what her advantages are. Thanks a lot for your support

- Marco

I would like to thank you for the great workshop and presentation in the nursery.

So far I’ve attended two workshops, potty training and healthy eating for toddlers and I enjoyed both workshops and learned a lot. All the contents are really helpful and practical for me to guide my kids. Most of all, it worked very well for my daughter. Once again, really appreciate for your kind support and I would love to join more workshops in near future.

- Sojung

There is a warm atmosphere which is welcoming and comfortable right away. The ladies are so lovely and caring. There is nothing I can fault. I know she is very loved which is most important. I’m very comfortable with Sophia being at Kangaroo Kids and she’s adjusted much faster than I had expected. Lots of love to the team.

- Mum of Sophia

Our son loves being there, I wish we could come in September but we live in Abu Dhabi. He wakes up every morning and asks to go to summer camp. He runs in and doesn’t look back. My mother and I are really impressed and we are hard to impress as we are both teachers.

- Megam, Mum of Mohamed

Thank you so much for your support for Khalid it was the great decision to register him to Summer camp with your nursery, he is off to school in September. Khalid really had a good experience. I’ll definitely refer your nursery to my friends and family and my future kids 🙂

- Mum of Khalid

I love the nursery, our daughters have been very happy here, the staff are enthusiastic and dedicated. The nursery is very clean and full of good toys. There is so much space and we love to use the nursery again.

- Dad of Sophia & Lea

I have been very impressed by the learning opportunities on offer during the summer camp, which are always delivered through fun activities with a high level of care. The learning is child-directed which is so important for small children and; it’s been an all-round wonderful opportunity for my Grandson to be a part of.

- Hamoody’s Grandmother

It’s been amazing to see the progress he has made at the Kangaroo Kids Nursery Summer camp in only three weeks! Everything has been perfect. The teacher Ms Autumn is very good and so is everyone. The swimming lessons have been very good for my son. He is not afraid anymore. I love bringing him here.

- Mohamed Mum

Kangaroo Kids nursery, thank you so much for everything you’ve done. My daughter is developing like magic here in all aspects. You’ve done a great job, thank you so much!

- Ms. Hala, Sara’s Mom

Kangaroo Kids have made us feel really comfortable. We placed our first child with them and she was so happy that we then placed our second baby with them when she arrived. We are really happy with everything.

- Enda, Dad of Etain & Eimear

Sophie is safe, she enjoys the nursery and that’s really important to us, that’s really all we ever want.

- Sam Browning, Dad of Sophie

The kids in the morning just run in, you don’t even need to walk them in. They run in because it’s that sort of environment- very welcoming. The activities are just so varied. The kids are kept busy all day. You can see the growth and development of your child really quickly, that is from all the attention they get from the staff.

- Murwaad, Mum of Hibaaq

I admire the nursery by all means, especially the staff. From something as small as walking in and having everyone greet you by name from the reception, the teachers and the Principal Ms Lisa. Everyone makes Faris feel at home.

- Rula, Mum of Faris

For us Kangaroo Kids is a place that provides a safe, loving and nurturing environment where both of our boys have thrived and always been happy. The wide range of activities and the wonderful, caring and friendly staff make it a very special place to be a part of. We feel very lucky to have found such a fabulous and supportive nursery in Dubai. Thank you as always to Ms. Lisa and her team.

- Lucinda Raybould

Kangaroo Kids was honestly exceptional! We have seen quite a few nurseries. We had an excellent feeling when just being shown around your nursery and we felt warmly welcomed by you and all other members of your team.

- Sarah

I instantly had a good feeling about Kangaroo Kids when I booked an appointment to view the nursery. Lisa the manager was very friendly, knowledgeable and sympathetic of the fact I was going back to work and leaving my little boy Bodhi. We were very impressed with the facilities, the staff are well trained, polite and friendly. They make sure Bodhi has a lot of engaging and stimulating activities including messy play and music time. They follow his home routine and we feel confident that he is safe and well looked after.

- Donna Riazi

As always, thank you so much for considering and supporting working parents like us. We very much appreciate the way you and your team take care of our little Katie.

- Katie’s Mum

It was lovely to meet you and Paul  really LOVED your nursery!!

I liked the space of each classroom and the huge outside, the diversity of activities.

I really really like the fact that you run the nursery with passion and not just like a business. You care about kids, knowing their names… Unusual in Dubai!


Honestly, there is nothing I disliked! Paul did not want to leave 🙂

- Céline Lamperin

I thank God everyday that I found this nursery for my two year old daughter. In her old nursery she cried every day and the staff were not dedicated like at Kangaroo kids. Noura loves nursery now, she is so happy there.

- Tatiana

Kangaroo was recommended by a trustworthy friend who had her children there, but experiencing the very caring environment, support and nurture will definitely keep me with no second thought of a nursery for my third son.

- Najood

The drive to drop my beautiful baby girl off to her first day nursery was the hardest drive of my life. I cried the whole way there, but seeing Miss Lisa at the gate to assure me my precious cargo was in good hands, was the best reassurance a mother could ask for. My favorite part of the day is picking up my little girl and seeing her laugh and smile with the wonderful ladies who care for her at Kangaroo kids. I can feel she is cared for and loved. Thank you Kangaroo nursery for allowing me to have peace while I work and for granting my daughter happiness while I am away.

- Judith aria mum

Our daughter was 8 months old when we joined KKN and we have loved it there ever since! The staff at the Baby Cottage are very warm and friendly, and our little one had no trouble at all settling in. They are really good at what they do and took fantastic care of her especially at times when extra love and attention was needed. Thank you KKN for being so wonderful!

- Nerissa (Mum to Baby Katie)

I put my son in September and felt welcomed from day 1! I loved how Ms Maxine taught my son and the assistant teachers are amazing! Would recommend it for anyone looking for a loving, caring, and fun place for their children to learn, Thank you for everything Kangaroo Kids Family! You will always be my son’s first “school”.

- Sausan Badwan

My son and I love Kangaroo nursery, they prioritize my child’s learning and wellbeing. It is my sons second home.

- Ms. Dina (Mishal’s Mom)

Ms Margaret is an amazing, heartwarming and very professional teacher. Under her care and with support from the whole Kangaroo team, our daughters blossomed more every day. We are very grateful to the Kangaroo team and Ms Margaret for the professional caring and personalized touch, for taking the time when required and for caring for our children, as if they were their own.
We trust Ms Margaret and can wholeheartedly recommend Kangaroo nursery.

- Family Brondeel / Alen, Belgian

Ms Maeve…Thank you for been a wonderful teacher. The time spent in your classroom has not only been educational but amazing fun as well. I have learnt so much from you. Thanks for making me one smart cookie

- Mother of Sarim Kazmi

Kangaroo Kids has provided both of our children with the best possible start to their learning journey. The facilities and resources enabled them to thrive in all aspects of their development and every day has been a new adventure. The quality of care, professionalism and loving nature of all the staff has been paramount in helping our children to thrive with confidence and happiness. We will always look back in years to come and be thankful that our children were lucky enough to be part of the Kangaroo Kids family.

- Claudia Webb (Mother of Arabella and Mason)

It is with a big fat tear in my eye that I write to confirm Sasha will be leaving the nursery to attend big school in September, where she will join her big brothers. Whilst she is very excited about it, we will be sorry to leave Kangaroo Kids as it has been such an amazing nursery for Sasha. No praise would be high enough for the commitment you show to the children, the way in which learning is made such fun, and the great time they have every single day.

- Prue Paris (Mother of Sasha)

Raising young children in Dubai can be quite daunting, and giving them a good start in life is essential. We can’t thank Kangaroo Kids enough for the incredible way in which they have participated in giving each of our three children an amazing start to life. As our youngest, our son Austen, comes to the end of his time at Kangaroo Kids, we reflect as a family on the love, protection, tenderness and teaching expertise that all three have been afforded. The eldest two are flourishing at “big school” and we are convinced that Kangaroo Kids’ played no small part in readying them for the big wide world. Austen looks set to follow in his sisters’ footsteps and we believe that the grounding that they have received at Kangaroo Kids has really set them on the right path. It is with sadness that we will say goodbye to Kangaroo Kids but it is also with gratitude in our hearts to all the staff there, from management, admin, support staff to the amazing teachers. Thank you all for everything over the last 6 years.

- Andrew Burrow (Father of Alex, Austen and Andy)
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