Parent Advice and Support

Parent Advice and Support

Our Nursery Principal Ms Lisa Sherrington-Boyd has worked with  children and families for the last 25 years offering parent support practically and through workshops and consultations.

She offers our families in the nursery the opportunity to attend free workshops that cover common areas of challenge for families such as:

  • Potty Training
  • Sleep
  • Behaviour Challenges
  • Language Development
  • Getting Ready for School
  • Positive Parenting
  • Toddler Tantrums

You can listen to tips and advice from Principal Lisa and join the discussion by tuning in every Wednesday at 5.00-6.00pm and Thursdays 1.00-2.00pm to the UAE’s favourite family radio show Pearl FM 102

For additional parent advice visit

Instagram @kangarookidsdubai

Instagram @principallisauae

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Great workshop, it gave us pointers to start potty training. The main thing I picked up is positive reinforcement.

- Nidhi, Myrah’s mum

Thank you so much for today, I think it was useful and I have taken away from today that positivity is key even though it can be difficult to stay positive. The other thing is consistency and this is what we have to keep in mind.

- Eva, Liliana’s mum

The workshop was informative and gave advice on different points and stages we will face during potty training. Thank you Ms Lisa

- Wissam, Hadi’s dad
  • 3 day approach
  • Positivitity
  • Child should be ready and choosing the right time to start
- Mirna, Adam’s mum

Good training session.
My take aways are:

  • Positive reactions
  • Keeping eye contact
  • Consistency with the actions
- Abena, Emmanuel’s mum

Focusing on positivity is key

- Rozita, Siena & Voislav’s mum

Great information, a good plan to start with and look forward to working with you.

- Katie, Maddie’s mum

Amazing useful workshop, it’s always great to talk to Ms Lisa abut different child problems. She is very experience and helpful.

- Bahaeh, Delsa’s mum

I found the Positive Parenting workshop incredibly helpful – Principal Lisa has a wealth of knowledge thanks to her long tenure working with children and as a mother herself, and she readily shares her experiences in the workshop, as well as relevant tips and strategies that you can put in place at home even from the first session.

A parenting workshop run by your childcare provider also has a massive advantage over other workshops, as Principal Lisa has an established, personal connection with you and most importantly, with your child – she is already aware of their nature and behavior at nursery, and can refer to that knowledge in the workshop. It makes it feel more like a chat over coffee with your friends rather than a generic parenting workshop – it’s a safe space with no judgement, and real feedback and strategies from someone you already trust.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop to other parents, and am looking forward to seeing how the tips and strategies transform our parenting style at home.

- Tess Mum to Finlay

This Class Teachers session was very helpful. The Teachers Covered most of the areas that are general concerns of parents and offered much support and advice Thank you.

- Harshad

Big thanks for Class Teachers Miss Autumn and Miss Debbie for a wonderful workshop and lots of support, it’s very useful. I learnt a lot on how to deal with my son, what should I teach him and how. You all did an excellent job in nice way for us in the nursery.

- Fatma

Really helpful nursery, thank you for all your help.

- Svetlana

It was very nice to have this workshop to understand how to develop “ school ready” skills in our child , I was having some questions but it was covered by the class teachers who helped us, I know some step to follow to get Omar to the next step after he leaves Kangaroo Kids Nursery.

- Hatim

This is a very helpful nursery, it’s always great to have a support system and how wonderful to get it from the nursery as well. Nursery is like the second home and I’m glad my daughter feels home away from home. Please Keep your workshops going because they are a great way of keeping parents in knowing that they are not alone.

- Shatha’s Mum
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