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Kangaroo Kids is an exceptional destination that has warmly welcomed inquisitive young minds for over 18 years. With open arms, we strive to ignite a passion for learning and nurture their innate creativity. 

Our parent partnership, cozy ambiance, and exclusive “home away from home” environment are a source of immense pride for us. We are committed to delivering top-notch care and education to children aged 45 days to 4 years old. 

Our most significant achievement is being the first international nursery school in Jumeirah, Dubai, to receive the esteemed Curiosity Approach Accreditation. We seamlessly integrate this child-centric approach with the British EYFS curriculum, acknowledging every child’s unique potential as an individual capable being.

Therefore, if your little one is yearning for an exciting adventure filled with exploration and enjoyment, we will be delighted to welcome them to our community. 

nursery school near me
nursery school near me

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Our nursery is more than a school – it is an enchanted environment where children can take their first steps in learning and development. We are passionate about providing premium care to our little adventurers and aim to foster an atmosphere of unparallelled warmth and love. All set to become one of the top nurseries in Jumeirah, Dubai, we aim to give parents a safe space where they can watch their small cherubs discover, develop and become the best version of themselves.

At Kangaroo Kids, your little ones will be welcomed into our nurturing community with open arms. Our experienced and dedicated staff strives to create an environment where each child feels confident and motivated to learn, play, explore, and develop. Our curriculum is designed to meet each child’s individual needs, providing them with the best possible chance of success. 

With nearly two decades of experience under our belt, why not join us on this fabulous adventure and explore the possibilities? You never know just what kind of magic your little sparkles might find! 

Why Choose Kangaroo Kids Nursery School in Jumeirah?

Our welcoming and accepting community is home to children and families from all corners of the globe. We understand how tough it can be choosing a nursery school for your little ones, but we are here to provide you with advice, direction, and support in each stage of this journey.

nursery school near me

Embracing the beauty of nature and its offerings, we have employed a Forest School approach in our play. Surrounded by lush greenery spanning 25,000 square feet, children are encouraged to explore and embark on outdoor journeys. As the best nursery in Jumeirah, we also value environmental consciousness at our school; therefore, we believe that instilling this appreciation for nature is paramount to safeguarding Planet Earth’s future generations. For this reason, we go the extra mile to ensure that all our activities are educational and promote a sustainable outlook. 

For more information or a private tour of our nursery in Jumeirah 1, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to having your little ones join us on their own magical journey.  

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