Off to Big School…

Off to Big School…

As Principal, I am frequently asked what the next step should be after a child graduates from Kangaroo Kids. Parents are keen to know which school to choose and at times they seem a little overwhelmed by choice and perhaps pressure.
Whichever country, school or nationality of the family/location; I always answer the same way.

It is my personal belief and experience that most schools are good and want to do their best for children and I try to reassure parents that all will be well. I have seen so many children over the years make the transition to “Big School”. It’s a part of life and the natural step. I encourage parents to find a school that listens, understands and communicates effectively. I passionately hope for all the children at Kangaroo that their next school will consider them unique children able to be an active participator in their own learning.

Over the years I have seen schools become popular and it seems a safe bet as you see waiting lists to join them spring up. I would encourage parents to consider less fashionable choices if they meet the needs of their child. A waiting list doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option for your child. There is so much to consider for parents in Dubai and I am always happy to support parents.

It is my firm belief that education for under 5’s is very specialist and should be fun, playful, and interactive; and dare I say it… a little bit messy. If I was looking for a school for my 4 year old I would to hope to see a well-resourced setting not too dissimilar to Kangaroo Kids. There are some wonderful schools in Dubai.

I do believe the children will leave us after FS1 well prepared with the personal and learning skills needed to become confident learners in their school. They will also leave with some lovely memories.

As always best wishes to all our families
Ms Lisa

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