Nature Garden

Nature Garden

Eco Garden and Forest School

We have the finest and largest outdoor space (25,000 sqft) and we are pio-neers with our Outdoor Curiosity Learning in Early Years here in Dubai.

  • Eco Garden Classroom and Forest School created for nature, calm, discov-ery and adventures…
  • Different outdoor sensory experiences with a sensory walkway and a va-riety of different textures and plants
  • Balance and calm connecting with nature in fresh air
  • Peace and Nature sounds to develop mindfulness skills
  • Mud Pit for splashing and splashing
  • Pretend Camp fire community area to gather, share stories and ideas
  • A recycled wooden boat for adventures and for friendship to develop
  • Recycled rubber decking

We play nature sounds and encourage the children to develop mindfulness skills by listening to the sounds to identify them or just by giving the children a moment of peace in a busy, stimulating day.

We teach lessons outside in the fresh air here during the cool months and we enjoy picnics together as a community. The children are making the space their own and we are listening to their ideas. They have told us they want to make an insect house and grow more plants.

In the soft beach sand there is a recycled wooden boat for adventures and for friendship to develop. The decking area was carefully sourced for its recycled properties and is made from recycled rubber. We have planted new trees and we are making flower beds within recycled tyres for organic gardening. The Eco Garden will grow and develop and the grass plants we have planted will create a secret garden within our large grounds for tranquillity and imagination…

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett


I love the new garden arrangement, It is amazing and shows different environments.

I was fascinated yesterday when I saw the photos on Facebook and Malak explained to me that is planets going around the sun.

Thank you very much for your great efforts … much appreciated

- Malaks Mum
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