Hygge in the Early Years

The term Hygge (pronounced: ‘Hue-gah’) is a Danish attitude towards life that centers around appreciating the moment you are in and finding happiness in the simple pleasures of life. Hygge is taking the time each day to be together in a comfortable and cosy environment where you feel most yourself – which is exactly what we strive to create in Kangaroo Kids Nursery.

Hygge is the feeling of a fluffy blanket rubbing against your skin or resting your head on a cushy pillow. It’s the warm orange glow from a flickering candle on the windowsill, or the feeling of content when you are surrounded by those you love the most.

Our classrooms have been carefully curated to include ‘cosy corners’ that the children are free to explore with their friends and teachers. In the hustle and bustle of nursery life, sometimes all you need is a little escape to cuddle with your friends, grab a good book and enjoy the present moment. When a child feels comfortable and secure in their environment, they are more eager to try new things and have less feelings of nervousness or fear.

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