Green Engagement

At Kangaroo Kids Dubai, we are passionately committed to protecting our planet and educating the children in our care about the value of sustainability through eco-activities. Some of the ways we live in harmony with nature and encourage an eco-friendly nursery life are:

  • We facilitate a love for nature by incorporating natural elements into our daily activities.
  • We are passionate about recycling! We have two large ‘cow bins’ where families and staff are encouraged to leave their recyclable materials which are then collected by DULSCO, who have been so supportive of our eco-efforts.
  • We use recycled, upcycled, natural, and open-ended resources in all areas within the nursery.
  • We support the mindfulness of nature and have created an interactive space decorated with recycled general household objects such as corks, old CDs, and plastic bottles.
  • We have used recycled materials such as tires and pallets to build outdoor resources for the children.
  • We often host beach clean-ups with our families as well as participate in various community projects.
  • We use eco-friendly, non-GMO, and toxic-free cleaning products such as “Ecover” in our bathrooms and when washing used plates and cutlery to reduce the number of chemicals that the children come into contact with.
  • We have disregarded toxic air fresheners and instead our nursery is filled with water vaporisers using only pure essential oils so that everyone in our nursery feels calm and breathes safely.
  • We are energy conscious and use energy-saving light bulbs.

    Being eco-friendly is at the heart of all we do, and we will continue to do whatever we can to create a greener tomorrow for our little ones – the future is in our hands.

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