Forest School

In Kangaroo Kids Dubai, we have adopted a Forest School Approach to play by creating a nature-based community where our trained and talented teachers nurture child-led learning and exploration by facilitating meaningful and holistic experiences.

Nestled in our beautiful outdoor garden of 25,000 square feet you will find a magical place called our Forest School, complete with big leafy trees that provide us shade while we delve into the natural world below. On any given day, you can find our little Kangaroo’s crouched down and drawn into their latest bug hunt, building bug hotels, and learning about seasonal changes to the natural environment.

Within our Forest School, we have created a pretend fire pit which is perfect for sharing our experiences with one another, reading books together, and mindfully watching the clouds go by.

The children’s well-being is at the foundation of all we do, and we understand how important it is to encourage sustainability and a love for nature in our daily nursery lives. Through nurturing child-led discovery, we recognise all opportunities to mentor the holistic growth of the children for positive lifelong impacts.

Our culture is based on collaboration and embracing challenges together. By doing this, we allow the children to blossom into their true potential and develop resilience, empathy, and a greater sense of connection with themselves, their peers, and the environment.

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