Enrollment & Fees

Please email operations@kangarookids.ae or WhatsApp +971 58 593 2884 – We will forward you an application form which will request certain information from you to begin the enrollment process.

Payments can be made using cash, cheques, or bank transfer.

All deposits paid to the nursery are non-refundable for both new and existing families. All term and camp fees are non-refundable/non-transferable under any circumstances.

We have a one-time registration fee when enrolling your child and an annual medical fee payable every new academic year.

Yes, please ensure that you provide us with your child’s passport, the passport of both parents, Emirates ID, and Visa (where applicable), copies of your child’s birth certificate, and copies of your child’s immunisation records. Please ensure you provide us with the most up-to-date versions of these documents.


We have a uniform that is available to purchase at reception. We highly recommend purchasing a uniform as this helps your child to establish a routine when going to nursery. We conduct daily messy play activities, and our uniform is easy to take on and off. If your baby is attending Kangaroo Kids, we recommend sending them with a swimsuit that will be used during sensory play.

60 calendar days’ written notice is to be given in the event of withdrawing your child from the nursery. This can only be given after 30 calendar days of registration. In the event of no notice the total amount is still to be paid, the fees will still need to be paid.

Nursery Timings

We are open Monday to Friday, from 7:30am – 5:30pm.

We are open 12 months of the year! Each year is divided into three terms that come to a total of 10 months. Our Summer Camp will be held in July and August, and our Winter Camp will be held in December. We also offer a Spring Camp and half-term camps to accommodate you and your children during the holiday seasons. We are open for the majority of the year excluding public holidays and weekends.

We are only able to update you with this information once it’s formally announced by the relevant UAE government departments. 

Where possible we ask you to inform reception and your child’s teacher if your child is going to be absent from nursery. This can be done by either sending a message on our app or by WhatsApp. 

Pick-Up and Drop Off

Drop-off is anytime from 7:30 am onwards, this is applicable for all children. 

There will be late pick-up fee of 150 aed for every ten minutes of lateness on the 1 pm and 3.30 pm pick up. Regarding our 5.30 pm pick up the 150 aed lateness fee will apply immediately due to it being our closing time. We will make every effort to contact you, or your emergency contact should you not arrive at the agreed time.

If your child has had their vaccination within 24hrs of nursery they are not allowed to attend due to any reactionsthat they may have. 

If any individual other than what has previously been arranged with the nursery management will be fetching your child, please ensure this is communicated with our team ahead of time so that we can ensure the safety of your child.

Unfortunately, we do not offer transportation to or from the nursery.

Visiting the Nursery

Yes! If you are interested in joining our nursery or taking a tour please get in touch and we will happily set up an appointment for you. We have an open door policy and our Kangaroo families are regularly invited to the nursery for special events and occasions.

Due to legalities, privacy, and security, we do not permit parents to live stream children during nursery. We do however have a parent partnership app that your child’s class teacher will use to publish updates about your child and their class activities throughout the day. You can also use this app to communicate directly with the class teacher and you will be notified when your child is signed in and out.

Your child’s class teacher will communicate any events with you well before the time, and we will use our app to keep you updated with reminders for certain events.

Settling Process

We recognize that each child is a unique individual and settling time varies from child to child. Some children may become settled on their first day, for others it could take a week, and for others, it could take a little longer. The settling process is known to leave parents feeling uneasy, which is why we are here to support you and your child at every step of the way. Remember to keep positive at drop-off. Children are like sponges and quickly pick up on their parent’s emotions. It will be of great benefit to your child if you stay as calm, relaxed, and happy as possible. We assure you that our practitioners are ‘settling superstars’ and they will have your child feeling right at home in no time! Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like any further settling tips.

For all new children, we recommend a ‘settling-in pick-up time’ for the first week, this is to ensure your child’s leaves with a smile on their face. 

If a child experiences a change without warning, this can make them anxious and afraid. Therefore, it is best to give the child plenty of warning to anticipate the change ahead. ​

 Before they start, have lots of positive conversations with your child about their new class, teacher, and the nursery. ​

  • Tell social stories using puppets about how Mummy/Daddy leave but always come back! ​
  • Read the book ‘Owl Babies’ – it’s the perfect book for helping children to understand that mummy leaves but always comes back. ​
  • Incorporate the nursery in your route every day so you can drive past, wave at the nursery and explain they will be there soon.
  • Draw pictures of your new teacher, classroom, and setting

Remember to keep positive. Children are like sponges to adults’ emotions. They are extremely observant and adopt the feelings we show. No matter how anxious you feel, be as positive as you can throughout the drop-off to show them that there is nothing to fear. Just know you are providing them with the best start in their early year’s education journey.​

  1. Stay calm, saying goodbye is a vital part of settling week. Saying goodbye will be hard for both you as a parent and your child and we know there may be tears on both sides and this is normal. You as a parent know this due to the changes ​
  2. Be honestwhen you say goodbye, be honest about where you are going and when you will come back. Tell your child “Mummy will go now, but I will be back after you have had lunch. Try to keep the goodbye short, the longer the goodbye, the harder for the child.

Health and Safety

We kindly request that you send nappy-changing supplies to the nursery (nappies, wipes, creams). These are labelled and will only be used for your child. The children are checked every 2 hours as well as before naps and mealtimes, and nappies are changed on a 1-1 basis. Any child who has soiled their nappy will be changed immediately.  Should we begin to run low on any nappy changing supplies, we will contact you via our app and request more. Our team are incredibly experienced in toilet training, and we are always available to discuss this with you should you feel your child is ready.

Kangaroo Kids Nursery has an onsite clinic and a full-time DHA-certified nurse who is trained in First Aid processes and procedures. The children’s temperatures are checked daily, and we will notify you immediately if we have any concerns about your child’s health or well-being. If any accident is to happen involving your child our nurse will attend to your child, and you will be informed immediately. If we are not able to contact you, we will contact your next listed emergency contact.

We will only give your child a full body wash in the event of significant sickness or diarrhea, and therefore ask that you supply us with a preferred body wash should this event occur. We do wash the children’s hands, feet, and faces with water and anti-bacterial hand wash.

In the event of your child’s temperature being 37.5 or above they will not be able to attend nursery. Any child who has been given panadol, adol, nurofen, calpol or similar 24 hours or less before coming to nursery should not attend nursery due to this altering the child’s symptoms.

Please update us immediately and share the results with us. For Covid 19 exclusions we will continue to follow the guidelines stipulated by the government.

We conduct regular class field trips to various activity centres throughout the year. You will be informed in advance regarding any outings and children will only join the trip with the consent of the parents.

Meals and Naps

Most definitely. We set up separate sleeping areas for your child to get the rest they need while at nursery. We provide each child with their own bed, blanket, and pillow. Children are not forced to sleep, those who are awake will be offered peaceful activities to give them the necessary time to rest and reset. Children are supervised at all times and our teachers record the amount of time each child sleeps.

In an effort to keep everyone in our nursery safe and healthy, we do not provide meals and kindly request that you send enough food with your child each day. Please note that food cannot be reheated or placed in the fridge during nursery. Please refrain from using glass containers and take note that we are a nut and pork-free zone. We kindly request that you do not pack any sugary snacks, crisps, cake, or chocolate as a part of your child’s lunch. Please provide your child with a plastic reusable water bottle that has their name marked clearly on it and has a covered lid/straw.

Our Curriculum

Lessons are conducted in English, and we have a dedicated Arabic and French teacher who conducts daily 30-minute language lessons.

We follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework which provides structured and age-appropriate learning experiences for all children attending our nursery. Please see the “Our Curriculum” page on our website for more information about our various teaching methods and ideologies.

Our extra-curricular activities include yoga, football, French and Arabic lessons, swimming, and music.

All children will participate in our swim classes when appropriate.​We understand that not all parents wish for their child to take part, however, this might mean they have to stay in a different class during the swimming session or arrive later. ​The class teacher and junior educators will be attending the swim class with the children.​Please pack full swimming costumes rather than bikini-style, and pack towels. ​Croc/slip-on sandals are great on swim days.​Where necessary swim nappies work well too.

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