Events & School Trips

Events & School Trips

Children learn best through direct experiences. Kangaroo Kids organises opportunities for children to learn by seeing, feeling and doing. Through these experiences, children establish their understanding as well as acquire the social, intellectual and physical skills necessary for the development of meaningful concepts. Excursions are therefore vital components of any early education program. Kangaroo Kids organises field trips and in-house visits. The children may take a trip to the Aquarium, Florist Shop, Fire station or similar places or will be visited in the nursery by a dentist, a baker or airline pilot.

Upcoming Events 2018 -2019



  • Sunday 14th – Term 3 Begins 
  • Tuesday 16th – National Pizza Day  
  • Thursday 18th – Spring Parade Celebrations 
  • Tuesday 23rd – World Shakespeare Day 
  • Wednesday 24th – Healthy Eating Workshop for Parents with Ms Kannika from Leela’s Lunches 
  • Sunday 28th – Safety in the Summer  
  • Monday 29th – Nursery Classes visit Green Planet


  • Hag Al Leila Celebrations – TBC 
  • Sunday 12th – International Nurse Day
  • Thursday 23rd – Giraffe & Foundation Classes to Splash & Party 


  • Sunday 9th – Jubilee Queen’s Party  
  • Sunday 16th – Father’s Day – Junk Modelling Day 
  • Tuesday 18th – Sushi Day 
  • Thursday 20th – Graduation for Foundation Classes 
  • Tuesday 25th – Spaceship Day


  • Thursday 4th – End of Term 3 
  • Sunday 7th – Summer Holiday Care Begins
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