Kangaroo Kids Nursery


    Child’s Information
    Nursery Attendance - Timings :   8 AM – 1 PM8 AM – 3 PM8 AM – 4 PM8 AM – 5:30 PM
    Family Information: (in line with Ministry guidelines – all contact numbers are to be up to date)
    Emergency Contact 1: (this must be additional person to the above)
    Emergency Contact 2: (this must be additional person to the above)
    Health Checkup
    If your child has experienced any of the following please check Checkbox:
    Has your child had any minor/major surgeries, major accidents, or hospitalisations?
    If your child experiences with any of the following challenges please circle: (If yes please specify)
    In case of emergency, Kangaroo Kids Nursery may call for an ambulance, the family physician or another available physician if needed to examine my child.
    (Without this permission, the nursery assumes no responsibility for emergency medical attention
    I authorise the Head Nurse to administer Baby Panadol / Adol drops / Ibuprofen to my child providing that my child has had the listed before:
    • Kangaroo Kids Nursery is fully covered by Public Liability Insurance.In case of an accident or injury occurring to my child,I allow Kangaroo Kids Nursery to take the necessary action for appropriate medical treatment for my child if I cannot be reached at the given emergency numbers.I waive all legal claims against the nursery and agree to all of the above terms and conditions of Kangaroo Kids Nursery except in the case of negligence.
    • To keep the Nursery, or any of its supervisors, teachers, or officials, or voluntary helpers, or owners absolutely harmless,fully and effectively indemnified against all actions, claims, liabilities, damages, expenses, costs, charges, fees, (Including medical, judicial and attorney’s fees), whatsoever, which are suffered by the nursery as a consequence of any accidental injury or contraction of any virus / disease by the child.
    • In case of emergency, the school may call the family physician or any other available physician to examine the child(without such permission, the school assumes no responsibility for emergency medical attention).
    • Not to hold Kangaroo Kids responsible for any illness, accidents or injury during field trips or on Kangaroo Kids premises.I hereby verify that I have read,understood and accepted the above statements.
    • Kangaroo Kids is not responsible any loss or damage items belonging to my child or family.
    • I understand that I am to collect my child within 1 hour of being contacted by the nursery in the event of sickness or illness.
    • I understand that the 2,100 dhs deposit paid to Kangaroo Kids Nursery is non-refundable or transferable under any circumstances.
    • I understand nursery spaces will be offered to families once they become available and the nursery is to follow all capacity and bubble limits that are in place
    • All families understand that the nursery is to follow all rules and protocols outlined by KHDA & MOE.
    • I am happy for my child to appear in Kangaroo Kids Social Media Posts (Facebook/Instagram) and on any publications produce by Kangaroo Kids Nursery
    The undersigned certifies that each part of the application and the information inserted herein has been carefully read and is true and correct.