Healthy Food Program

Healthy Food Program

Kangaroo Kids Nursery are thrilled to partner with Leela’s lunches to provide fresh, wholesome, ready to eat hot meals and snacks for all the children in our nursery.

At Leela’s lunches, all the meals are especially formulated by Leela’s Mum, who is their nutritionist and chef. We choose Leela’s Lunches as our partner as they believe that each bite must be delicious, and bursting with goodness. This approach matches our values and healthy eating ethos in the nursery.

The guidelines they follow are simple but strict:

  • Wholegrains and real foods only. Which means no refined flour, sugar, artificial additives or preservatives; they use tons of fresh vegetable and fruit purees in every dish and we make everything from scratch.

Inspired by the diversity of the UAE, we are excited to introduce our nursery children to varied flavours on their plate, whilst including familiar tastes of home. The 3-week rotational menu for the term has been especially designed for us, and carefully put together with collaboration from our staff, parents; and most importantly the children.

As a parent we will send you the menu and nutritional information at the start of the term, so you are informed every step of the way.

The meals are prepared fresh every morning in their state of the art kitchen facility and delivered to the nursery in temperature-controlled vans in insulated thermo- boxes.  Our nursery will receive two deliveries per day: one with breakfast, and once just before lunch time, with lunch and afternoon snacks because we want nothing but the freshest food for our little ones!

We are very proud to be a fully catered nursery with a mandatory food program* that will inspire better eating habits and learning opportunities around a shared meal time. Our teachers eat with the children family style. It works beautifully as everyone is eating the same. The magic of influence from class friends.

Be prepared to be amazed! Magic happens when children eat together on the program… the fussiest eaters open up to new tastes, and the developmental benefits of sharing a meal within a community setting are truly miraculous.

*Exceptions are made for children with severe allergies. Note that our food program caters to most common allergies and can provide meals that are vegetarian, dairy free, bean free and egg free.

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