Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs

In our Nursery in Dubai our inclusion Policy is simple.

We love all children and we will always do our best to support and work with families.

We aim to provide an inclusive nursery where diversity is welcome. There are times when the additional requirements of some children may exceed our limitations; and we are happy to accept the support of outside agencies and work in partnership with families to provide children with the best outcomes.  All children are different and develop at different rates.

As a British nursery in Dubai we hold the guidelines of the British Equality Act (2010) at the centre of our inclusive approach and we strive to provide a welcoming environment for all children and their families. We welcome visits from families looking to find a nursery for their child with additional needs. We continually assess and monitor children and in the event of any concerns the Nursery Principal will meet privately with parents and offer advice and develop a step by step process to enable a full assessment if needed. As a British Nursery we follow the SEND Code of Practice (2014) within the remits of the EYFS to gather information and complete observations if we feel a child is not reaching developmental milestones. In partnership with parents we would then sign-post to services available and develop an IEP Individual Learning Plan tailored to the child’s unique needs. We would then work with outside agencies to ensure the child could make progress.

There may be circumstances where a child needs extra support from a shadow teacher and we would support the family in the recruitment of a suitable professional.

We welcome visits from families who would like to discuss their child’s needs and consider ways that we can support their learning and development in our nursery in Dubai.


We were extremely happy with your hospitality and also very impressed with the nursery. It means a lot to us that you can see the needs that our child has and also what her advantages are. Thanks a lot for your support

- Marco
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