Recycling and Eco Awareness

Recycling and Eco Awareness

We are passionately committed to educating the children in our care about the process and value of recycling by increasing awareness, engagement and most importantly our involvement in recycling and eco awareness.

We are working with two leaders in this field in Dubai: Dulsco our Community Recycling Service Provider and Taylor Egbert Recycling Bins.  We have two friendly Moo Cow Recycling Bins in our Eco Awareness Area. The children are each given a reusable bag that they fill each day with items suitable for recycling. The class visit each day to recycle and we have rewards for the best Recycling Champions. This has increased the children’s understanding of the importance of recycling and created excitement in the neighborhood.

Natural space and gentle, simple pastimes are a luxury at times in Dubai. We are passionately trying to support the mindfulness of nature here in the nursery. We have created a friendship tree and oak bench which the children have thoughtfully decorated with recycled objects recreated to be something special- butterflies, cork bees, old CD wind chimes. We have up-cycled tyres into small farm worlds and planting areas are popping up around the garden. We have a bird table and mud kitchen to enable the children to connect with nature and the sensory experiences of soil and planting.

We have weekly Junk Modeling Sessions in our Expressive Art and Design room where the children create a middle segment to the recycling journey of items like cardboard and plastic bottles by turning recyclable items into upcycled creations of their own design and imagination. These crafted items are enjoyed and then given to the recycling bins to be turned into something new for the future.

We use eco-friendly and toxic free cleaning products such as “Ecover” in our toilets/bathrooms and when washing the children’s used plates and cutlery. This reduces the amount of chemicals the children come into contact with and allows us to contribute to a safer happier world. We do not use toxic air fresheners instead our nurseries is filled with relaxing water vaporizers only using pure essential oils. This makes everyone breathe safely and feel calm and relaxed.

Please follow this link to see where all our Recycling goes. Follow the story after we fill the special Moo Cow Bins here in the nursery

Ms Lisa our Principal discussing the benefits of recycling with children on Dubaieye Radio.
Have a listen. Forward to 22 minutes 50 seconds and it starts.

Toxic Free Happiness!

We are committed to creating a natural space in the nursery that is chemical free. We only use Natural chemical free cleaning products from companies like the Change Initiative and Ecover. These products are selected for their toxic free status. They are gentle on the children’s delicate skin and on little tummies as we wash up their lunch/snack items. We do not use toxic air fresheners instead we vaporize organic essential oils such as lemon grass, tea tree oil and lavender selected for their anti-bacterial properties around the nursery.

We make our own disinfectants in house using Eucalyptus oil and apple cider vinegar. These values are important to us as we create a homely safe environment for our little friends who spend their day with us in the nursery

Today we had a very special visit from some little eco warriors and the infamous Tilly the Turtle! #tillytheturtle Thank you so much for teaching us to say NO TO PLASTIC and to STOP SUCKING straws to protect our oceans. We can’t wait to follow the recycling goals set so we can make it to the turtle rehabilitation center in Dubai #ecowarriors #econursery #bestnurseryindubai #saynotoplastic#stopsucking #saveourseas @ Kangaroo Kids Nursery Dubai

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