Foundation Stage Unit FS1

Foundation Stage Unit FS1

At Kangaroo Kids Nursery Dubai, we aim to provide the children in our care with all the skills they need to become confident, able, and independent individuals. We are an Early Years Specialist Foundation Stage provider which understands and embraces children’s individuality. We know that children achieve more when their needs are understood and provided for.

The early years in a child’s life are crucial for preparing them for the next educational milestones like primary school and beyond. The children in our stimulating early years setting leave equipped with a passion for learning, excellent social skills; and a firm foundation of writing, phonics and mathematics skills.

The Foundation Unit at Kangaroo Kids Dubai:

Simulates Learning

  • A team of qualified and experienced British Early Years Foundation Stage Teachers
  • Daily phonics sessions delivered in a multi-sensory approach
  • Daily Arabic and French lessons twice per week
  • Active Mathematic sessions daily
  • Small group focus work
  • Regular educational trips
  • High staff/pupil ratio/small classes

Meets the child’s needs

  • Nurturing and supportive environment
  • All resources are accessible to children to facilitate independence
  • Friendly, relaxed and bespoke approach to each unique child
  • Emphasis on EYFS, “stage not age” attitude; treating each child as an individual within their own unique learning journey.

Facilitates Independence

  • Free flow between classrooms, outdoor messy play and a playground/construction area
  • “Enabling Environment “an abundance of choice in the classroom which changes frequently
  • Children are empowered and independence is established
  • Children are active participators in choosing how they learn and what resources there are in the classroom
  • The Children have an active role in the recycling, classroom management and decision making; creating leadership and communication skills


  • Weekly Tennis and Swimming
  • “Every Lesson Should Be Magic” approach from our passionate teachers.
  • “Child Initiated Learning/In the Moment Planning”, using the children’s interests to plan exciting and engaging lessons.

 Our EYFS Curriculum

We passionately follow the British EYFS Curriculum framework where all areas of learning are inter-connected with a continuous provision to support development. Every day the children arrive to carefully devised learning though play opportunities, where activities are multi-sensory and imaginative. The children receive daily Phonics, Early Writing, and Mathematics, which are delivered in small groups of 2-4 children with short bursts of participation to ensure the children remain interested and engaged. All activities are tailored each day to cover the 3 Prime (Communication and Language, Personal Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development); and 4 specific learning areas (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world, Expressive arts and design) within the British EYFS.


The children are gently assessed using the Development Matters/ EYFS Early Learning Goals to guide the teacher on the next steps for each child to maximise their progress. This is regularly updated on our parent app. Teachers meet with parents regularly to discuss their child’s progress and encourage a strong home-school connection to support the child in their learning journey.

By the end of Foundation Stage 1 most children will have achieved their learning goals, whilst many will have gone beyond the targets set; having benefited from high levels of individual attention. It is our firm opinion that young children between the ages of 3-4 years benefit significantly from the caring and bespoke Foundation FS1 unit we provide.

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