About Us

About Us

Our British nursery in Dubai was established in 2005 and has provided consistent premium care and education to children aged 0-4 years ever since. We offer a “home from home” bespoke experience with high levels of parent partnership and support. We are open all year round from 7.00am to 6.00pm Sunday to Thursday.

We are wholly committed to the British EYFS curriculum which is evident in all we do; teamed with a firm belief that each child is unique and can lead their own journey. We enrich the EYFS curriculum with a child-centered approach drawing from a multitude of early learning theorists to support our bespoke practice. We take a blended and non-prescriptive approach favoring the work of several theorists and thought-leaders in early childhood.

• Reggio Emilia- children can construct their own learning
• Margaret Donaldson- developing and boosting an innate desire to learn
• Te Whariki- a focus on well-being, community and family
• Curiosity Approach- allowing children time to be curious with real life ob-jects
• Hygge in the Early Years- simplicity, calm and feeling at home

We provide multiple opportunities each day for children to express their ideas, make links and ask questions; as this self-led approach results in children being independent thinkers, language users and problem solvers as they grow up.

We aim to promote wonder, ignite passion and empower” thinkers and doers” of the future. We develop these vital life skills by allowing time and space for cu-riosity in the finest outdoor learning garden in Dubai and imaginative child- lead environments indoors.

Our Vision and Promise to Families 2019-2020

We have 3 key promises that underpin and support our delivery of the British EYFS Framework. These values lead our vision, strategic development, policy, provision and practice.

At Kangaroo Kids we aim to…

  1. Create a Community: We are a community, sharing each day in a safe environment with a strong em-phasis on support and partnership. All children and their families attending our nursery will feel valued as a unique family and a part of our vibrant inclusive community. Kangaroo Kids is a home away from home that is built on trust, sup-port and understanding.
  2. Inspire Active Learning: Our team of highly skilled practitioners inspire children to be actively engaged with experiences that facilitate purposeful learning and long-term development. We provide bespoke learning experiences to each unique child to ensure they are active participators. Learning is everywhere and in every conversation.
  3. Be Positive and Kind to all: We aim to approach all situations with kindness and positivity. We teach the children the value of this moral and as practitioners we model the behavior in all we do. We actively encourage kindness to the earth with our recycling and eco activities. We believe in inclusive education and aim to achieve this at all times. Our motto is “Positive, Positive, Positive and if that fails… be Positive”.

Our Mission is Simple: We strive to provide all children with the very best start to education with a firm commitment to outstanding learning opportunities with the child and their family at the heart of everything we do.

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