Home School Connection

Home School Connection

Working in partnership with parents is a vital part of what we do. We believe parents are the experts on their child and that positive relationships support children to achieve and feel happy. We are always available to chat and discuss progress or concerns, it is this personal approach that results in our families feeling relaxed and a part of the Kangaroo Kids Community. We hold several Parent/Teacher meetings throughout the year. We prefer to talk face to face and get to know your family, but this is not always easy with the demands of family life, so we use email, SMS, Facebook to share good news, pictures and information. From September 2017 we will be introducing a handy parent app to give our parents more access to information and a more convenient ways to stay in touch.

The curriculum is on view outside each classroom as an overview of each month, and on our webpage. Individual targets are available to view in a child friendly format and are reviewed weekly by the teaching staff.  We run complimentary Parenting Workshops covering many areas such as Potty Training and Positive Behaviour.

Finally, our parents are often seen chatting to staff on our sofas around the nursery at the end of the day, sharing stories about the children. We genuinely encourage parents to join us in the nursery, in the classroom or at special days and events.

We are especially keen to encourage parents to come and read a story, celebrate birthdays and join us on field trips. Kangaroo Kids Nursery is a community with a common goal: to ensure the children are happy, safe and secure; and a strong home/nursery relationship is the first step to achieving that.

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