Parent Feedback

Parent Feedback

You have absolutely transformed the place and we feel so lucky that Henry spends his days at such a special nursery. Can’t thank you enough for all your incredibly hard work.

- Henry’s mum

Toby is really happy at Kangaroo kids nursery. He literally jumps up and down when he arrives in the mornings. He really loves his teachers. Toby learns something new every day and always comes home singing a new song or telling me about a story he has acted out. All Toby’s needs are met at Kangaroo kids nursery. The staff were so welcoming.

I love the routines and activities that Kangaroo kids offer. Highly trained teachers and teaching assistants. Amazing outside space and layout is great. I appreciate how accommodating they have been in helping with our need for dropping Toby early in the morning. They now have an extra early breakfast club at 6.40am that means I can drop Toby at nursery and still get to my workplace on time. We are so grateful for the effort they have put in to finding a solution for us. They always communicate with me about Toby’s day and how he has been. I see Toby’s class teacher and also the nursery manager regularly at pick up times and have long chats about how he is getting on. Photos are uploaded onto the nursery Facebook page regularly which we love. He has been helped to become completely toilet trained whilst here in a very short period of time.

The manager organised a community event one weekend last term where we could come and enjoy a variety of activities. The event was completely free, including all the activities.

- Toby’s Mum

I love the new garden arrangement, It is amazing and shows different environments.

I was fascinated yesterday when I saw the photos on Facebook and Malak explained to me that is planets going around the sun.

Thank you very much for your great efforts … much appreciated

- Malaks Mum

Dear Ms.Lisa (Nursery Principal)

I should say how impressed by Ms Autumn from Giraffe Class, she is such a talented, devoted and professional teacher.

In my opinion, Ms.Autumn is a perfect example of how a teacher of Early Years should be.

I admire Ms.Autumn’s style of teaching. She creates a funny, warm and welcoming learning environment for children.

She’s got a special language to communicate with kids, the language which kids love and enjoy listening to.

I felt that any message which Ms.Autumn tries to deliver to children she sends it straight to their hearts. And it makes them love to listen to their teacher, it makes the learning process so easy and excited, especially for children of this age.

I wish all teachers love their job as sincerely as Ms.Autumn Does!

- Elena Aleksandrovich

Ms Lisa, actually it is your efforts that we have to thank you for. We appreciate all the great work you have done since you joined the nursery, Many changes, creative ideas and continuous improvement.

I’m so happy with the quality of service you are providing in Kangaroo Nursery.

- Mum to Malak

We were so worried about our almost 3 year old settling in as it was his first time ever being not only in a nursery, but without his parents really, but Kangaroo and Ms. Autumn made our little boy running to Kangoroo Kids Nursery on his 3rd day 🙂 Thank you!!!!!

- Aidy Mum

We were extremely happy with your hospitality and also very impressed with the nursery. It means a lot to us that you can see the needs that our child has and also what her advantages are. Thanks a lot for your support

- Marco

I would like to thank you for the great workshop and presentation in the nursery.

So far I’ve attended two workshops, potty training and healthy eating for toddlers and I enjoyed both workshops and learned a lot. All the contents are really helpful and practical for me to guide my kids. Most of all, it worked very well for my daughter. Once again, really appreciate for your kind support and I would love to join more workshops in near future.

- Sojung

There is a warm atmosphere which is welcoming and comfortable right away. The ladies are so lovely and caring. There is nothing I can fault. I know she is very loved which is most important. I’m very comfortable with Sophia being at Kangaroo Kids and she’s adjusted much faster than I had expected. Lots of love to the team.

- Mum of Sophia

Our son loves being there, I wish we could come in September but we live in Abu Dhabi. He wakes up every morning and asks to go to summer camp. He runs in and doesn’t look back. My mother and I are really impressed and we are hard to impress as we are both teachers.

- Megam, Mum of Mohamed

Thank you so much for your support for Khalid it was the great decision to register him to Summer camp with your nursery, he is off to school in September. Khalid really had a good experience. I’ll definitely refer your nursery to my friends and family and my future kids 🙂

- Mum of Khalid

I love the nursery, our daughters have been very happy here, the staff are enthusiastic and dedicated. The nursery is very clean and full of good toys. There is so much space and we love to use the nursery again.

- Dad of Sophia & Lea

I have been very impressed by the learning opportunities on offer during the summer camp, which are always delivered through fun activities with a high level of care. The learning is child-directed which is so important for small children and; it’s been an all-round wonderful opportunity for my Grandson to be a part of.

- Hamoody’s Grandmother

It’s been amazing to see the progress he has made at the Kangaroo Kids Nursery Summer camp in only three weeks! Everything has been perfect. The teacher Ms Autumn is very good and so is everyone. The swimming lessons have been very good for my son. He is not afraid anymore. I love bringing him here.

- Mohamed Mum

Kangaroo Kids nursery, thank you so much for everything you’ve done. My daughter is developing like magic here in all aspects. You’ve done a great job, thank you so much!

- Ms. Hala, Sara’s Mom

Kangaroo Kids have made us feel really comfortable. We placed our first child with them and she was so happy that we then placed our second baby with them when she arrived. We are really happy with everything.

- Enda, Dad of Etain & Eimear

Sophie is safe, she enjoys the nursery and that’s really important to us, that’s really all we ever want.

- Sam Browning, Dad of Sophie

The kids in the morning just run in, you don’t even need to walk them in. They run in because it’s that sort of environment- very welcoming. The activities are just so varied. The kids are kept busy all day. You can see the growth and development of your child really quickly, that is from all the attention they get from the staff.

- Murwaad, Mum of Hibaaq

I admire the nursery by all means, especially the staff. From something as small as walking in and having everyone greet you by name from the reception, the teachers and the Principal Ms Lisa. Everyone makes Faris feel at home.

- Rula, Mum of Faris

For us Kangaroo Kids is a place that provides a safe, loving and nurturing environment where both of our boys have thrived and always been happy. The wide range of activities and the wonderful, caring and friendly staff make it a very special place to be a part of. We feel very lucky to have found such a fabulous and supportive nursery in Dubai. Thank you as always to Ms. Lisa and her team.

- Lucinda Raybould

Kangaroo Kids was honestly exceptional! We have seen quite a few nurseries. We had an excellent feeling when just being shown around your nursery and we felt warmly welcomed by you and all other members of your team.

- Sarah

I instantly had a good feeling about Kangaroo Kids when I booked an appointment to view the nursery. Lisa the manager was very friendly, knowledgeable and sympathetic of the fact I was going back to work and leaving my little boy Bodhi. We were very impressed with the facilities, the staff are well trained, polite and friendly. They make sure Bodhi has a lot of engaging and stimulating activities including messy play and music time. They follow his home routine and we feel confident that he is safe and well looked after.

- Donna Riazi

As always, thank you so much for considering and supporting working parents like us. We very much appreciate the way you and your team take care of our little Katie.

- Katie’s Mum

It was lovely to meet you and Paul  really LOVED your nursery!!

I liked the space of each classroom and the huge outside, the diversity of activities.

I really really like the fact that you run the nursery with passion and not just like a business. You care about kids, knowing their names… Unusual in Dubai!


Honestly, there is nothing I disliked! Paul did not want to leave 🙂

- Céline Lamperin

I thank God everyday that I found this nursery for my two year old daughter. In her old nursery she cried every day and the staff were not dedicated like at Kangaroo kids. Noura loves nursery now, she is so happy there.

- Tatiana

Kangaroo was recommended by a trustworthy friend who had her children there, but experiencing the very caring environment, support and nurture will definitely keep me with no second thought of a nursery for my third son.

- Najood

The drive to drop my beautiful baby girl off to her first day nursery was the hardest drive of my life. I cried the whole way there, but seeing Miss Lisa at the gate to assure me my precious cargo was in good hands, was the best reassurance a mother could ask for. My favorite part of the day is picking up my little girl and seeing her laugh and smile with the wonderful ladies who care for her at Kangaroo kids. I can feel she is cared for and loved. Thank you Kangaroo nursery for allowing me to have peace while I work and for granting my daughter happiness while I am away.

- Judith aria mum

Our daughter was 8 months old when we joined KKN and we have loved it there ever since! The staff at the Baby Cottage are very warm and friendly, and our little one had no trouble at all settling in. They are really good at what they do and took fantastic care of her especially at times when extra love and attention was needed. Thank you KKN for being so wonderful!

- Nerissa (Mum to Baby Katie)

I put my son in September and felt welcomed from day 1! I loved how Ms Maxine taught my son and the assistant teachers are amazing! Would recommend it for anyone looking for a loving, caring, and fun place for their children to learn, Thank you for everything Kangaroo Kids Family! You will always be my son’s first “school”.

- Sausan Badwan

My son and I love Kangaroo nursery, they prioritize my child’s learning and wellbeing. It is my sons second home.

- Ms. Dina (Mishal’s Mom)

Ms Margaret is an amazing, heartwarming and very professional teacher. Under her care and with support from the whole Kangaroo team, our daughters blossomed more every day. We are very grateful to the Kangaroo team and Ms Margaret for the professional caring and personalized touch, for taking the time when required and for caring for our children, as if they were their own.
We trust Ms Margaret and can wholeheartedly recommend Kangaroo nursery.

- Family Brondeel / Alen, Belgian

Ms Maeve…Thank you for been a wonderful teacher. The time spent in your classroom has not only been educational but amazing fun as well. I have learnt so much from you. Thanks for making me one smart cookie

- Mother of Sarim Kazmi

Kangaroo Kids has provided both of our children with the best possible start to their learning journey. The facilities and resources enabled them to thrive in all aspects of their development and every day has been a new adventure. The quality of care, professionalism and loving nature of all the staff has been paramount in helping our children to thrive with confidence and happiness. We will always look back in years to come and be thankful that our children were lucky enough to be part of the Kangaroo Kids family.

- Claudia Webb (Mother of Arabella and Mason)

It is with a big fat tear in my eye that I write to confirm Sasha will be leaving the nursery to attend big school in September, where she will join her big brothers. Whilst she is very excited about it, we will be sorry to leave Kangaroo Kids as it has been such an amazing nursery for Sasha. No praise would be high enough for the commitment you show to the children, the way in which learning is made such fun, and the great time they have every single day.

- Prue Paris (Mother of Sasha)

Raising young children in Dubai can be quite daunting, and giving them a good start in life is essential. We can’t thank Kangaroo Kids enough for the incredible way in which they have participated in giving each of our three children an amazing start to life. As our youngest, our son Austen, comes to the end of his time at Kangaroo Kids, we reflect as a family on the love, protection, tenderness and teaching expertise that all three have been afforded. The eldest two are flourishing at “big school” and we are convinced that Kangaroo Kids’ played no small part in readying them for the big wide world. Austen looks set to follow in his sisters’ footsteps and we believe that the grounding that they have received at Kangaroo Kids has really set them on the right path. It is with sadness that we will say goodbye to Kangaroo Kids but it is also with gratitude in our hearts to all the staff there, from management, admin, support staff to the amazing teachers. Thank you all for everything over the last 6 years.

- Andrew Burrow (Father of Alex, Austen and Andy)