Events, Field Trips

Events, Field Trips

Children learn best through direct experiences. Kangaroo Kids organises opportunities for children to learn by seeing, feeling and doing. Through these experiences, children establish their understanding as well as acquire the social, intellectual and physical skills necessary for the development of meaningful concepts. Excursions are therefore vital components of any early education program. Kangaroo Kids organises field trips and in-house visits. The children may take a trip to the Aquarium, Florist Shop, Fire station or similar places or will be visited in the nursery by a dentist, a baker or airline pilot.

Upcoming Events 2017 -2018



Term starts January 7th for children.
Themes: Toddlers: Part 1: Dinosaurs and Part 2 Explorers
Nursery: Part 1: Planes/Trains and Automobiles. Part 2: Spot the Dog Positional language
Foundation: Space / Rockets / Science

  • January 17th: Nursery Special day 17th
  • January 22nd: Foundation field trip TBC
  • January 23rd: National Pie Day cookery fun for Nursery Level
  • January 24th: Toddlers Special Day
  • January 28th: Potty Training Workshop with Ms Lisa 2.00pm
  • January 29th: International Day Fun for Everyone
  • January 31st: Foundation Special Day.


Themes: Toddlers “Pet Shop Fun”
Nursery: The Community We Live In: Culture, Workers and Places. Billy Goats Gruff Traditional Tales
Foundation: Nature Exploration Month / Life Cycles / Birds / Plants / Bees

  • Dentist visit
  • Tuesday February 6th: Toddlers meet some pets 
  • February 7th: Nursery Fire Station trip TBC
  • Eco/Nature Week Half Term Camp February 11th-15th
  • February 22nd: Nursery Special Day
  • February 25th: Parenting Workshop- Positive Behaviour 2.00pm
  • February 26th: Sports Day (parents Invited)


Themes: Toddlers Down by the Sea
Nursery: Farm Life, Animals, Food and the environment.
Foundation: The Community We Live In: Culture, Workers and Places.

  • March 12th: Community Gardening Day (parents invited)
  • March 14th / 15th: Parent / Teacher Meetings 1.30-4.30
  • March 18th: Magic Junk Day
  • March 18th: Parenting Workshop
  • March 20th: Spring Parade/ International Day of Happiness (parents invited)
  • March 21st: UAE Mother’s Day
  • March 22nd: End of Term
  • March 25th: Spring Camp Starts



Summer Camp 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th,5th
Back to School April 8th
Themes: Toddlers Healthy Eating/Garden/Recycling Projects
Nursery: “It’s a Bugs Life” – Insects, caterpillars, spiders
Foundation: Life in and Around the Water

  • Doctors visit
  • April 11th: Toddlers Special Day Israa(*)
  • April 19th: Foundation Special Day
  • April 22nd: Recycling Junk Day
  • April 23rd: World Book Day Dress up and Events (parents invited)
  • April 26th: Nursery Special Day
  • April 29th: Safety in the Heat Day (In class activities)


Nursery: Life and around Water and Pirates!
Foundation: Dinosaurs and explorers
Toddlers: “it’s a bugs life”

  • May 8th: Teacher Appreciation Day- parents join us in school to teach a class!
  • May 10th: Toddler Special Day
  • May 15th: National Pizza Party Day
  • Doctor visit
  • May 16th: Ramadan (*)
  • May 17th: Nursery Special Day
  • Graduation Photos
  • Nursery Aquarium visit TBC
  • May 24th: Foundation Special Day
  • May 27th: Magic Junk Recycling Day
  • May 28th: Parent Workshop “School Ready” 3.00pm


Themes: Toddlers: Wild Animals- We are going on a Bear Hunt / Gruffalo
Nursery: Fly me to the Moon! Space, Shape, Size and Movement.
Foundations: Inventions/experiments and finding out more…

  • June 3rd: United Nations Children’s Day
  • June 5th: Foundation Professors Day.
  • June 7th: Toddlers Special Day
  • Doctors visit
  • June 12th: Nursery Special Day
  • June 14/15/16: Eid (*)
  • June 18th: Parent Workshop “How to survive the summer” 3.00pm
  • June 19th: Graduation Event for FS1
  • June 27th: End of Year Party
  • June 28th: End of Term

Holiday camp available during July and August

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