Recycling and Eco Awareness

Recycling and Eco Awareness

We are embarking on a new journey at Kangaroo Kids Nursery…

We are about to start a community initiative that will increase the children’s understanding of the importance of recycling and create excitement in the neighbourhood, watch this space…

Natural Space and gentle, simple pastimes are a luxury at times in Dubai. We are passionately trying to support the mindfulness of nature here in the nursery. We have begun this goal by creating a friendship tree and oak bench which the children have thoughtfully decorated with recycled objects recreated to be something special- butterflies, cork bees, old CD wind chimes. We have begun to turn recycled tyres into small farm worlds and planting areas are popping up around the garden.

We have just appointed our new Recycling Champion Ms Katie and we will run a Magic Junk Club every week to upcycle as much as we can of the nursery waste in a fun creative way.

We are committed to increasing our awareness, engagement and most importantly our involvement in recycling and eco awareness.

We would like to welcome any parents with an interest in recycling to join us with the children as we start our new campaign. Please email