Foundation Unit/FS1

Foundation Unit/FS1

Specialist Early Years Foundation Unit FS1

  • British Teachers
  • Free Flow unit with a linked indoor and outdoor space.
  • High staff/pupil ratio/small classes.
  • Nurturing and supportive environment.
  • Friendly, relaxed and individually tailored approach to each child
  • A wide range of activities and learning zones around the school.

As an Early Years Specialist Foundation Stage provider we understand and embrace the children’s individuality and we firmly place their needs first and foremost. We provide a stimulating and innovative curriculum which ignites learning curiosity and develops vital problem solving skills. We passionately follow the British EYFS Curriculum framework where all areas of learning are inter-connected with a continuous provision to support development. Every day the children arrive to carefully devised learning though play opportunities, where activities are multi-sensory and imaginative. Phonics, Early Writing, and Mathematics, are delivered in very small groups of 2-4 children with short bursts of participation to ensure the children remain interested and engaged. All activities are tailored each day to cover the 3 Prime and 4 specific learning areas with the British EYFS.

Prime Areas

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development.

Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

The children are assessed and their personal learning goals are set. Teachers plan the children’s next steps and allow for their developmental progress within their lesson plans. By the end of Foundation Stage 1 most children will have achieved their learning goals, whilst many will have gone beyond the targets set; having benefited from high levels of individual attention. The children are given many opportunities to gain independence with personal and general life skills, we encourage them to make choices and feel empowered. We provide careful support and encouragement to support our children to develop social skills and friendships. It is our firm opinion that young children between the ages of 3-4 years benefit significantly from the caring and bespoke Foundation FS1 unit we provide. They leave us confident, well-equipped with a solid foundation from which to enter the demands of full-time formal schooling at age 4.