Extended Curriculum

Extended Curriculum

The curriculum extends all day at our nursery in Dubai until 6pm with our Extra Learning Club: the children enjoy Cookery Club, Science Club, and Yoga for Kids, Dance, Football, Ballet, Swimming lessons, Arts and Pottery. Our senior British Teachers stay until 530pm to deliver the care and learning in the afternoons.

We run a variety of activities for the children every afternoon which are time-tabled and available for the parents to view. We change them each term. We have two different options planned for the children every afternoon.

We have upgraded the provision in the nursery for sport with a professional running track for children to enjoy. We believe it’s important to establish healthy lifestyle habits for the children whilst they are with us in their early years.

We were the first nursery school in the UAE to join an initiative started in Scotland in the UK called the “Daily Mile” https://thedailymile.co.uk/ (Thedailymile.co.uk). The purpose is to sup-port children being more active. Research carried out by the universities of Stirling and Edinburgh have found that 15 minutes of self-paced exercise can significantly improve a child’s mood, attention and memory (Cox,2018). The children involved will leave the classroom and run/walk for 5 minutes when a fun alarm rings. We are introducing it with our older children.

We have a large garden space of 25,000 sq.ft with a running track and the children will do a “daily lap”. We are very excited about this program and the positive impact we hope to see. Children of Determination will be actively involved and we will encourage staff and parents to also join in.

Keep Calm & Yoga

Keep calm and yoga is a class to teach children relaxation and mindfulness. We begin to introduce the children to basic yoga positions in a fun and creative way through imaginative role play. Yoga can support development of a child’s balance, flexibility and spacial- awareness. This class is held in our sensory garden during the cooler months on portable yoga mats, and then indoors to our dedicated dance room during the summer.


This weekly year-round class introduces children to Ballet as we use imaginative methods to begin to learn ballet positions and steps. We aim for each child to be improve their coordination and balance skills as they are captured by the art of Ballet.

Baby Sensory Club for under 20 months

Babies learn through exploring their environments. Each week is unique, with opportunities to get messy and creative, learning through a variety of senses or looking at different lights and listening to new noises.

Healthy Cookery

We are passionate advocates of children having a healthy diet and we aim to educate the children to understand what is needed for a healthy life style. During our healthy cookery club the children are actively involved in creating exciting healthy snacks to share with friends in the nursery. This class increases the children’s knowledge of healthy foods, but it is also excellent to develop fine and gross motor skills as they cut and mix ingredients. As they share their creations it fosters social and emotional skills across the nursery. We currently have a designated room for cookery.

Pottery Club

We use air dry clay to mould and create a variety of pots and objects which the children decorate to take home and display. Clay is an excellent material for enabling a child to use the fine and gross motor skills as they have to use their hands and tools to shape and mould.

Science Club

Science club is a great opportunity to explore and see what happens in experiments and provides a hands on experience for children. We encourage the children to use their problem solving and critical thinking skills. We believe curiosity and exploration of the world can begin from when we are born and we encourage the babies to explore all 5 senses in our carefully considered activities (Beely,2012).