Baby Cottage

Baby Cottage

In our nursery in Dubai we have a light, peaceful and happy baby cottage which cares for children under the age of one. The Baby Cottage is run by our team of qualified baby nurses who deliver a caring and bespoke program.

The team support families returning to work with expert advice through all the developmental stages. They work with parents to follow routines, provide continuity and support parents’ wishes. The Cottage is spacious with a variety of toys and activities for the babies to enjoy. There is a comfortable sofa for our breastfeeding mothers and a warm friendly atmosphere that welcomes parents to be a part of the care we offer. We have a sleep room and a changing area. Research has proved that learning begins in the early stages of infancy. Our nursery in Dubai provides an infant program, which offers scope for all round growth, mental and visual stimulation and develops a sound base for life-long learning. The babies are part of the wider nursery community and take an active role in all that we do from, Music, Puppet Shows and Arabic; to our whole school/nursery events. The babies socialise with all the children and this helps support their social and overall development.

The Baby Cottage is a popular resource for parents returning to work and advance booking is recommended if you are expecting a baby.


The drive to drop my beautiful baby girl off to her first day nursery was the hardest drive of my life. I cried the whole way there, but seeing Miss Lisa at the gate to assure me my precious cargo was in good hands, was the best reassurance a mother could ask for. My favorite part of the day is picking up my little girl and seeing her laugh and smile with the wonderful ladies who care for her at Kangaroo kids. I can feel she is cared for and loved. Thank you Kangaroo nursery for allowing me to have peace while I work and for granting my daughter happiness while I am away.

- Judith aria mum

Our daughter was 8 months old when we joined KKN and we have loved it there ever since! The staff at the Baby Cottage are very warm and friendly, and our little one had no trouble at all settling in. They are really good at what they do and took fantastic care of her especially at times when extra love and attention was needed. Thank you KKN for being so wonderful!

- Nerissa (Mum to Baby Katie)