Baby Cottage

Baby Cottage

Our Baby Curriculum for Children under 20 months

We have a dedicated Baby Unit consisting of 3 rooms in one cluster of the nursery school which is led by our British Head of Infant Care and her team of Baby Nurses/Nursing Assistants. Our Baby Cottage is light, spacious and homely, with a separate sleep room and changing area.

We believe the first two years of a baby’s life are crucial to support short and long-term development as this is the time when brain synapses are most rapidly connecting (Hattie and Yates, 2014). Babies under 20 months are busy making sense of the world around them and our voice tone, our gentle care and play will impact their understanding of the world and form a foundation for later learning in the nursery and beyond. We gently observe their progress and celebrate their new emerging abilities. The children can access all areas with specific allocated zones to sleep, play and eat. We also have a small baby garden with natural grass and flowers to enjoy.

The babies experience the following activities as part of their daily life in the nursery and they are evident and available as potential learning areas each day in the Baby Unit.

  • Tummy Time: to strengthen and develop motor skills
  • Provision to climb, crawl, discover for themselves with soft tunnels
  • Heuristic Play – treasure baskets (changed frequently) to develop their understanding of their world and ignite curiosity
  • Curiosity corner- an ever-changing area with light/shade/textures/mirrors
  • Music- instruments- staff play guitar for sing a long session
  • Sensory play- tuff trays and sensory bowls
  • Water/ splash play
  • Non- toxic painting
  • Block play to support their processing of shape, size, gravity
  • Reading corner of age appropriate and accessible early reading books

Our Parents are our partners in the Baby Unit and we work closely together to support routines and parent’s individual wishes. Our aim is to create a calm environment where the babies feel safe and parents feel relaxed knowing they are cared for by friendly professionals with big hearts!

Families can have access to our CCTV and they will be informed of their little one’s day by keeping in touch during their working day via our parent app.

We use the EYFS as our framework and the learning outcomes of Development Matters for children under 20 months.


To Baby cottage team,
Thank you for every day that you take care of me while I play, for all the things that I’ve learned, for the time you spend teaching, wiping tears for knowing a hug is what I need, for being there when mommy can’t be, for making every day a special memory.


- Khalifas Mum

Thank you team Kangaroo Kids for all that you do for our children. Any time I feel any pang of guilt for leaving my child and rushing off to work, the feeling goes away upon entering the nursery. Every member of staff (be it from a different class) knows of Arjun’s personality, likes and dislikes just as much as I do, if not better.

Lisa – you strive hard to set this culture by leading by example and it does not go unnoticed. Can’t think of many others in your position who would be able to track each child’s personal development in the manner that you do.

Thank you to the team for more than playing your part in his childhood development!

Leads to a happy baby and stress-free mummy!

- Lavi Chandra

I wanted to share with you the start of our beautiful journey in Kangaroo Kids.

Day 1
Carol came back saying: “Com -mie” with a big smile. Proudly that’s her first English word picked up only from day one nursery.

Day 2
She woke up in the morning and started to say “Shuz” and pointing on her feet

Day 3
Coming to pick her up and seeing her dancing ballet was BEYOND cute!

And finally at home she DID her first step. I’ve been waiting for this very moment.

We can’t wait to see her after the 100th day. We don’t know what are you doing and how you are doing it but we trust you and we are blessed to have found you.

Thank you for taking care of my child and for being patient to my frequent questions, phone calls and nagging.

- Carols Mum

The drive to drop my beautiful baby girl off to her first day nursery was the hardest drive of my life. I cried the whole way there, but seeing Miss Lisa at the gate to assure me my precious cargo was in good hands, was the best reassurance a mother could ask for. My favorite part of the day is picking up my little girl and seeing her laugh and smile with the wonderful ladies who care for her at Kangaroo kids. I can feel she is cared for and loved. Thank you Kangaroo nursery for allowing me to have peace while I work and for granting my daughter happiness while I am away.

- Judith aria mum

Our daughter was 8 months old when we joined KKN and we have loved it there ever since! The staff at the Baby Cottage are very warm and friendly, and our little one had no trouble at all settling in. They are really good at what they do and took fantastic care of her especially at times when extra love and attention was needed. Thank you KKN for being so wonderful!

- Nerissa (Mum to Baby Katie)