Arabic Language and UAE Education

Arabic Language and UAE Education

We provide the children with daily Arabic language lessons. These sessions last for 30 minutes. The sessions take place in the children’s home room with the English teacher actively involved. Our Arabic Teacher integrates the language with the current theme or interest in the class. She uses the British EYFS as a framework and starting point. The sessions are delivered in a multi-sensory way.

We celebrate UAE day with enthusiastic participation from our parents. Last year we created a majlis in the garden with a falcon for the children to meet in 2017. We brought traditional dress up for the children to try and experience. We set up a traditional live cookery station making fresh luqaimat for all our families. We created a UAE quiz for the non-Emirati families to complete to increase their knowledge of the 7 emirates. The children performed traditional dances and the whole community enjoyed a shared picnic to celebrate the spirit of our host country the UAE.

In October 2017 we also held an Arabic Culture Day where everyone learnt Arabic. Staff wore necklaces carrying a unique Arabic word to learn and the nursery was covered in Arabic labels to name most items such as “door, chair, and window”

The children tried different Arabic foods from across the Arab countries which we made with the children in our cookery room and the families donated many new foods for everyone to try as we enjoyed a community picnic.

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