About Us

About Us

Our Nursery in Dubai is a respected and trusted British Nursery in Dubai, which has been supporting families since 2005. Kangaroo Kids Nursery provides consistency and a genuine desire to offer premium learning opportunities to young children, as they take their first steps towards education. We care for children aged 4 months to 4 years with our qualified and dedicated staff in a nurturing environment. Our nursery in Dubai provides pre-school children with carefully considered learning zones, innovative facilities, and a spacious natural garden to explore. We are wholly committed to the British EYFS curriculum which is evident in all we do; teamed with a firm belief that each child is unique and can lead their own learning journey.

Learning is playful, fun; explorative and varied at Kangaroo Kids Nursery and we offer a rich program of education and activity all day long from 7.00am -6.00pm. We provide multiple opportunities each day for children to express their ideas, make links and ask questions; as this self-led approach results in children being independent thinkers and problem solvers as they grow up.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is simple: A commitment to colourful learning with the child at the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision and Promise to Families

We have 3 key values that underpin and support our delivery of the British EYFS Framework. These values inform our vision, strategic development, policy, provision and practice.

  1. Happy Children and Families: We believe happy children make confident learners, and children are happy when they feel safe and loved. All children and their families attending our nursery will feel valued as a unique family.
  2. Active Learning: We aim to take learning from the classroom into the garden, swimming pool, dance room and in every interaction that we have with the children; wherever we are. We celebrate the process of learning, making connections, problem solving; and recognizing everyone as a unique thinker and artist.
  3. Positivity and Kindness to All: We aim to approach all situations with kindness and positivity, we teach the children the value of this moral and as practitioners we model the behavior in all we do. We actively encourage kindness to the earth with our recycling and eco activities. We believe in inclusive education and aim to achieve this at all times. Our motto is “Positive, Positive, Positive and if that fails… be Positive

Our Mission is simple: We strive to provide all children with the very best start to education with a firm commitment to outstanding learning opportunities with the child at the heart of everything we do.